idrink – Hydration You Can Feel

Look inside some of the best companies in the world and you’ll find a single individual whose energetic personality emanates outward to the rest of the team. GreenONE Holdings is no exception. The Las Vegas based company that makes idrink beverages, has a “David slays Goliath” attitude spawned from years of scrapping with store owners to gain shelf space in an industry dominated by Coke, Pepsi and Dr.Pepper. This determined attitude from a next generation beverage company competing in a “pay to play” industry, stems from the passionate mentality of its leader, Mariah Fineman. Having come from the bomb shelters of Lebanon to Las Vegas at age 6, Mariah learned English as her third language from a “speak and spell” toy, while helping her mother care for her 3 brothers. From an early age, Mariah learned a work ethic born out of necessity and a sense of giving back, through the appreciation of her new life. That background was the perfect platform for her current day pairing with idrink. When GreenONE Holdings attained the rights to a totally new technology that would enable nutrients and minerals to quickly absorb inside the human body without any taste; the company realized it had a dilemma. How do you explain to a jaded consumer, that sugar was no longer needed to effectively deliver nutrients into a beverage? This predicament dictated the hiring of someone that was not only smart enough to understand this delivery system, but was also able to humanize it, and convince a skeptical marketplace to embrace its benefits. No small task in a field full of beverages that only insinuated health; with their messages meant to mislead an unsuspecting consumer. An intelligent steward with a “never say die” attitude who could inspire and lead by example, was ultimately far more important in tackling this task, than someone with beverage experience and pedigree. Mariah’s education and her resume did not define her. What investors saw that impressed, was an individual with an old-world sense of family. A loyal and compassionate person with a build it from scratch mentality. These qualities had them believing she could build a culture in a company needing a role model. Mariah immediately showed her deep commitment for creating relationships by convincing Mark Walters at Terrible Herbst to embrace this new technology and its benefits for the human body. idrink multivitamin water became Las Vegas’ “more than just water” brand, through this key partnership that motivated Mark to steward the brand. Mariah used this momentum behind the brand to then convince Ken Wrathall and the team at Nevada Beverage, (the local Budweiser distributor) to take idrink to the rest of the Las Vegas community. Now, as the company’s full time President, Mariah has rewarded local investors by expanding idrink’s footprint to John Lenore & Co. in San Diego and Haralambos Beverage Company in LA, The OC and 5 other counties. Both of these elite distributors were inspired by Mariah’s passion for the brand and the product’s unique ability to hydrate consumers. Their motivated staffs were inspired to triple idrink’s store count over the last 6 months. All this while Mariah has focused on the family culture of the company and duplicating her mentality of compassion and hard work. When there were hurricanes last year in both Texas and Florida, idrink’s team sent care packages of pallets to the families in need and said it was from Las Vegas “with love”. When the attacks on our own city occurred, they stopped everything for three days and company trucks delivered both food and idrink to the workers and rescue units. They also rushed to the blood banks and helped pass out food that they had purchased with their own money. They instinctively knew the right things to do. idrink’s vision and culture has now inspired former executives at both Snapple and Monster to come aboard the growing idrink team. Idrink now seems poised to go up the West Coast and has a list of other companies’ employees that are asking to come aboard this tight knit, healthy drink company’s group. All of this from a 5’ 1”, energetic, Las Vegas immigrant, that inspires her kids, her husband, and the personnel at Vegas’ first nanotechnology beverage company. Mariah Fineman is idrink – a game changer.