Health Benefits of Collagen

Health Benefits of Collagen

By Dr. Jim Wright, DDS

Collagen is a protein needed for the creation of gums, teeth, and the bones which support them. We have been encouraged to separate our dental health and oral health, with separate dental and medical insurance. Today we know that 80% of all disease starts in the mouth, so it is logical to put a stronger emphasis on oral health, which in turn supports overall health and helps in disease prevention. With this perspective, we are now looking at oral health through a different lens. The same collagen which is needed to support healthy gums and teeth, is necessary to build healthy bones, body chemicals, skin, hair and nails.

After the age of 25, collagen production is reduced at the rate of 1% per year. Collagen loss is greater in women, which adds an additional challenge as they strive to maintain youthful, healthy skin and minimize the appearance of aging. Breakdown of skin and gum tissue happens due to issues such as periodontal disease, genetics and environmental causes, to name a few. Many dentists feel that loss of attachment of gum tissue is a natural occurrence of aging. Increasing collagen production can offer support to skin, gums, nails, hair, bones, gums and organs, because of the collagen matrix. Protein is a vital part of our cells and a foundational element in building skin, blood cartilage, muscles and important body chemicals. Antiaging is one of the natural benefits of increasing collagen protein, with visible improvements ranging from smoother, tighter facial skin, to healthier gums and oral health, as protein is necessary to build and repair organs, cells and tissues.

My wife Debby and I have struggled with weight issues for a long time, and decided to make dietary changes. Debby, who is a student of holistic dentistry and medicine, found a product that she felt could support our health goals and help us lose weight. In her search for the holy grail of health and dieting, she found a product that provides the most absorbable protein… Hydrolyzed collagen protein. Readily available, superior quality protein is exactly what we were looking for to support health and assist in weight loss.

My weight issues stem from overeating, while Debby’s are from yoyo dieting. Yo-Yo dieting results in the body being in starvation mode, lowering metabolism, and making weight loss a
nearly impossible and constant struggle.

Hydrolyzed Collagen has the highest NPU (Net Protein Utilization), which measures quantity of protein utilized by the body. More than other protein supplements (such as soy or whey) Hydrolyzed Collagen is incredibly easy to digest, making it ideal for anyone suffering from digestive complications.

These superior quality collagen protein chews are giving us the healthy collagen protein we need, early in the morning, during the day and at night. The best part is it is a very simple system. No mixing things, no starvation or mood swings. By using this system I have lost 26 pounds and Debby has lost 23 pounds in two months, without adding exercise. We no longer crave things and eat mainly for sustenance.

Each sweet treat has only 3 Carbohydrates and 30 calories. We love the chocolate flavor! For people who crave sweets, this is unbelievable. You can eat this, boost your collagen, lose weight and support your health and anti-aging goals. We feel great and are having fun, shedding some pounds and getting healthy.

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Dr. Jim Wright is accredited by two International Academies, for holistic, biological dentistry. He is the founder of Four Seasons Dental & Med Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada.