Former Las Vegas Police Officer Offers Help To Local Residents

Las Vegas (July 8, 2020) David Kohlmeier had been a police officer during 9/11 in New York, and then became a police officer in Henderson, Nevada serving the communities for over 15 years.

While he was an cop, David became known as “the problem solver” among his fellow peers and officers as a result of his background in successful mediation involving people with domestic disputes, neighbor issues, job loss, suicide attempts, criminal cases, legal issues,housing problems and more. He constantly networked with community leaders and organizations to find the best solutions for the people. 

With his generous work with nonprofits in Las Vegas such as Hope Link, United Way, Safe Nest and The Justice Center, Kohlmeier built an army of contacts that he could direct almost anyone to with a problem big or small. 

After retiring from police work, Kohlmeier found that peers were still reaching out to him for help, advice and direction.

 It was after becoming the director of client relations at a local law firm that he saw many residents of Las Vegas with problems without solutions.

David, dubbed as “The Problem Solver”  decided to make himself available to anyone that needs help getting difficult issues resolved, free of charge. 

His podcasts called “The Problem Solver” will air on YouTube each week starting Feb 9, 2021.  

Kohlmeier will be addressing popular issues while interviewing an expert in each particular field to include, social issues, medical concerns, housing problems , legal issues and so much more. 

Las Vegas Residents that would like to use this free service can reach out to Kolhmeier via his progressive problem solving app at

For more information visit on Tuesdays from 11am to 12PM weekly to see the live podcast.

Leslie LaGuardia

LaGuardia Media and Public Relations