Echo and Rig

Echo and Rig

Echo and Rig had been on our list of restaurants to try.

Friends and colleagues often spoke fondly about the restaurant. Some raved about the happy hour, others that it was an outstanding steakhouse, and some talked up the on-premises butcher. It turned out all of the above was true and more!

We visited Echo & Rig on a lovely Sunday afternoon. One of us loves her Sunday brunch and seeks out brunches all over the valley! Yes, they do brunch too, complete with bottomless mimosas and a berry surprise.

Located in Tivoli Village, the restaurant spans two levels with a downstairs bar area, patio and butcher shop and upstairs dining area and patio.

Gazing upon the brunch, lunch and dinner menus just for fun, we quickly learned that it was much more than a steak house.

We started with a Parfait which consisted of a deconstruction of Greek yogurt, nut house granola and seasonal berries. The yogurt was rich and decadent, the berries perfectly ripe — and the blueberries were so big you could play marbles with them! One of us fought the urge to fling a few across the table. We also enjoyed the Goat Cheese and Spinach Quiche. The warm slice of comfort had a flaky crust like your grandma’s and the contemporary filling offered big flavors; it was paired with organic greens tossed in a light house made vinaigrette which offered just the right amount of freshness.

One of us is addicted to hash and gets it everywhere we go. They served up a Short Rib Hash, and not only was the taste right on, but the micro-dice of the potatoes and vegetables was so unbelievably uniform that it made the flavors consistent from one bite to the next. Two perfectly poached eggs with hollandaise and smoked paprika rested atop this masterpiece.

One of us is on a gluten free kick (again) and to our surprise, the Smoked Salmon Benedict was presented on potatoes pancakes. This hearty base of the benedict amplified the large leaves of lightly wilted spinach, smoked wild salmon and poached eggs with sprinkles of chives.

The Farmers Market Breakfast summed up the approach we felt with they took with all of the dishes. They took the time to select the best ingredients—in this case, heirloom root vegetables, baby fingerling potatoes, purple Peruvian potatoes, baby golden beets, asparagus, tomatoes and portabellas—and then seasoned and cooked them perfectly. Fresh goat’s milk cheese created another layer of flavor and poached eggs made it flawless.

We were lucky enough to dine on the outside patio ready for any season dining. It is outfitted with both heavy-duty heaters and misters.

The butcher shop embraces a modern-day approach focusing on nose-to-tail approach. The butchers share their craft knowledge with guests that include where each animal was raised, fed and prepared for butchery and offer recipes for meats purchased.  A special treat await the shopper as parking spots right in front of the restaurant are reserved for those wishing to make a quick purchase from Echo & Rig’s butcher shop.   

However, we recommend taking your time to gaze through the retail area, the slightly intimidating hooks in the meat locker followed by a long stare into the doors housing the homemade charcuterie, bone broth, slab bacon, pork chops and an abundance of beef. Let your mind wander and dream about all the possibilities these delectable meats present.

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