CHIANTI Italian Restaurant

 CHIANTI Italian Restaurant

At CHIANTI Italian Restaurant, tradition and experimentation come together to create original combinations, that allow you to discover new flavors. Our attention to detail and service, passion for hospitality, and cuisine will make you live experience and precious gastronomy.

Our Story

In 2011, Mersini family opened their first restaurant in Kirkland, WA. The restaurant featured homemade recipes, pasta, desserts, fresh seafood, and wood fired pizza oven. In the beginning it was extremely exciting. The whole family worked there, parents, kids, cousins, aunts and uncles, and friends.if we had enough room on this page to list everyone who helped us over the years, it would 20 pages.

Our other Restaurant

Although traditional Italian restaurant with old Italian ambience did great, the family decided to expand and open another location north of Seattle. Our dream started to become a reality, when we found an old theater building from 1950, which was transformed into a bar. Our general director, which happens to have a background in fashion and interior design,
transformed the bar into amazing Modern Italian decor, featured by antique chandeliers and real Venetian masks! WA. We  are very happy that we opened Chianti  Restaurant in Everett, it brought a lot of family’s  and celebrations to the community.

Living an American Dream

In 2018 while on a business trip in Las Vegas, we came across a building in Las Vegas, while exploring real Vegas with family. It was love at first sight! We immediately knew, Chianti was coming to Vegas! We wanted to create something amazing for local family’s and business in Clark county! Yet again, our General Director brought in her personal touch into interior! The whole ambience and décor is set to resemble Tuscany in more modern way. We are sure that Chianti Las Vegas will host many special events and continue to thrive customers with great homemade food!

Opening hours

05:00 PM – 09:00 PM

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