The CBD Commerce Showdown

Welcome to the Wild Wild West Showdown of the ever-growing beauty, health and wellness products infused with cannabinol (CBD). Resistance to anything related to cannabis seems to be losing the battle.  CBD used to be a best kept secret among Americans as it wasn’t commonly spoken about due to its classification technically being a Schedule […]Read More

Reputation Defenders

Your Reputation is Your Calling Card. “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” – Socrates They say that your reputation precedes you. The truth in that statement stems from the fact that the majority of your appearance and character is being delivered via word of […]Read More

Community Outreach Medical Center

Need a meidcal service at budget-friendly rates? Go to Community Outreach Medical Center. They offer wide-ranging medical services delivered with warmth, courteousness, and compassion. Community Outreach Medical Center’s professionals also have a vast experience in their respective fields and welcome patients as diverse as they are. They speak various languages such as English Spanish Tagalog […]Read More

Everlesson & Wizard Media LLC

Everlesson & Wizard Media LLC Wizard Media: Not Just Reaching Your Target Market WE BRING YOUR TARGET MARKET TO YOU ASK US HOW MERGING CREATIVITY WITH TECHNOLOGY For quite a few years now, Wizard Media has been helping businesses successfully penetrate their target markets—by mapping out the unique market positioning of each client and leveraging these […]Read More

Honey Salt

Honey Salt A review by Kate Johnson and Mark Stevens-Andro Food with a conscience, finding sustainably sourced local and regional ingredients that are good for you and taste amazing! I had been hearing great things about this restaurant for a few months, and finally decided to do a review to share the well known secret […]Read More

That’s What She Said: Anna Maries Italian Cuisine Review

That’s What She Said: Anna Maries Italian Cuisine Review One of us got to Anna Marie’s Italian Cuisine a bit early and had the opportunity to take in the vibe of the tail end of Happy Hour at this neighborhood eatery. During Happy Hour, subtle contemporary, jazzy, rat pack music filled the air but we […]Read More

Chef Spotlight BAR BOULEVARD

Bar Boulevard Review By Katherine Jackson When you think vegan restaurant you probably don’t think about a hot, gooey Philly cheesesteak on a pretzel roll. You probably don’t think about a classic, comforting tuna melt of soft, tangy sourdough. You probably don’t think about the crispiest, most irresistible house made onion rings you’ve ever had. […]Read More

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