Radar Medical Group

Neurologist – Russell J. Shah, MD Dr. Russell Shah specializes in neurological problems related to the spine and brain. He completed his education in Neurology and Neurophysiology back in 2000 at the Rush University St. Luke’s Medical Center. He has several years of experience in this field and worked with numerous reputed neurological treatment establishments […]Read More

Soak Up Your Stress

Relaxation, we all need it. For most of us we live hectic lives that leave very little room to pamper ourselves, or so we think. Stop! Take care of yourself first. Relaxation can mean different things to different people. For some it could be mediation or yoga. For others a long leisurely walk on a […]Read More

Magic Myint: The Story of the Dream-Maker Surgeon

Magic Myint: The Story of the Dream-Maker Surgeon By: Katherine Jackson If you go searching for a facial plastic surgeon, and you’re lucky enough, you will hear his name whispered in waiting rooms all over Las Vegas and Beverly Hills. The Magical, Mystical Myint; the rumored wizard of Oculo-Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Well, I […]Read More

CBD is Nothing New

What if I told you that cannabis is nothing new and that it used to be an everyday part of our food chain without realizing it? There are many misconceptions amongst the general public when it comes to cannabis and what we now call CBD- the oil extracted from the non-psychoactive, agricultural hemp plant. Hemp […]Read More

Opportunity Village Enhances Lives of Adults With Intellectual Disabilities

(Photo courtesy of Opportunity Village) Troy R. came to Opportunity Village not knowing what to expect. He was nervous and unable to express himself, stemming from intellectual disabilities. Over time, Troy was assimilated into the organization’s Fine Arts program, Employment Resource Center and Pathway to Work and has since evolved. Going to Opportunity Village was […]Read More

The First Family of Entertainment

The First Family of Entertainment Charlene Carabeo Tappeiner  In Las Vegas, a city unlike any other in the world, anything and everything goes on, from 24/7 gambling, drinking, partying, and God knows what else.  For the locals, we don’t want to know “what happens” in our city; we call Vegas “home.”  We proudly cheer for our Golden Knights, […]Read More

TR Realty

Darryl Brown with TR Realty Based out of Las Vegas, TR Realty is one of the fastest-growing and largest real estate organizations in Nevada with more than 370 discerning real estate professionals on our team. With full-service branch offices are open in the North West on Cheyenne Avenue, and in the hear of downtown Boulder […]Read More

Julio Carrillo – Realty One Group

Julio Carrillo Julio Carrillo is one of Las Vegas’ Top Real Estate Professionals and is featured in our Spring 2019 issue. Julio was orginally born in Peru and raised in Las Vegas – he is fluent in Spanish and served our country in the Navy for 4 years, which he values a lot in his […]Read More

The Ogden Foundation

The Ogden Family Foundation is a nonprofit and community organization that seeks to provide activities and events that provide a positive, safe, and healthy outlet for at-risk youth. Their Mission: “Our mission is to provide homeless, foster and at-risk youths, as well as undeserved families, with programs and services that support families, unite communities and […]Read More


The Top Notch The Health Center specializes in dispensing the highest quality medical marijuana possible, to licensed medical marijuana patients in the Clark County Area. With access to all of the desirable strains on the market, including rare high cannabinoid varieties. They’re experienced team provides superior product, and are dedicated to providing excellent customer service […]Read More

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