DJ Manifesto on Sending a Message Through His One-Of-A-Kind Music Style

In a highly dynamic and creative space such as the music industry, people expect to see a lot of innovations. Yet despite that, the artists who currently dominate the mainstream scene seem content in sticking to what they know works and sells. As a result, audiences have grown tired of the repetitive and overused tunes, and most are hungry to hear new and exciting music. Cognizant of this dilemma, one intuitive musician has made it his mission to deliver fresh tracks that will leave fans and music lovers wanting more: DJ Manifesto.

The highly talented individual has been making waves for his captivating creations. Based in Las Vegas, the spinner combines the classical stylings of the violin with the hypnotic beats of electronic music. And although these two genres are considered by many as polar opposites in the music spectrum, the visionary is able to seamlessly marry them together, creating an incredibly unique euphonic experience. This remarkable achievement is proof of his unrivaled artistry and musical prowess.

What helped the artist develop the one-of-a-kind signature sound was his extensive experience in the business. He had early exposure to the music scene when he started playing the violin at age five. Then, when he was eleven, he got his first turntable after his local YMCA invited him to DJ for an event. All of these memorable moments have ultimately shaped the disc jockey’s connection with music. In addition, it helped him develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of sounds, beats, and melodies. Because of this, his tracks are not only pleasing to the ears, but most importantly, they evoke feelings and deliver a message.

As he proudly shared, “I play violin and DJ at the same time. I approach DJing from an orchestra background. I want to create a melodic journey through sound and emotion. I don’t just want people to dance; I want people to feel. Feel emotions, cry, laugh and, of course, dance all in one performance. So I DJ like a violinist and play the violin like a DJ.”

Aside from his undeniable talent and vision, what makes DJ Manifesto stand out is his impeccable work ethic rooted in dedication, perseverance, and hard work. The inspiring young man had always been passionate about honing his skills and improving his craft. As such, he has committed to always being sober on stage to ensure that he is fully focused and immersed during his performances.

As a testament to his impressive influence and massive success, the DJ has played in over 1,500 shows. He has also worked with several big names and A-listers, such as Paul Van Dyk, Nadia Ali, and Victor Calderone.

When asked what motivates him to take such a well-rounded approach, the insightful young man simply answered: “Music is my message.” Fueled by this fantastic philosophy, the extraordinary musician remains steadfast in his vision of elevating the music scene with his top-notch creations. Given this, fans and music lovers alike should be on the lookout for the promising DJ as he pushes the boundaries of the music industry to greater heights.

You can learn more about Dj Manifesto by checking out his website and his Instagram Profile.




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