Meredith Weiner – Finding the RIGHT Balance – Right Lawyers

Meredith Weiner is a divorce attorney for Right Lawyers. Every day she is the firing line of court. In addition to being under the pressure of court, she raises three daughters with her husband. We asked Meredith for some thoughts on raising children while balancing her career. 


When did you know you wanted to become a lawyer?


I was always sort of a “fighter” and had that argumentative spirit. After college, I worked for a few years, all while thinking about what I might be good at. I finally decided on a whim to take the LSAT and then apply to law school, knowing that the “fighter” in me might actually pay some bills!


What inspired you to become a divorce lawyer?


Initially, I needed a practice area that was sympathetic to the needs of a working mom and wife. The pulls of other practice areas didn’t work for me when I had my first newborn, but family law practitioners and judges seemed to understand. And then I realized that by being a wife and mother, I was able to relate to and have compassion for clients I didn’t necessarily have in other areas of law.


How long have you been a lawyer? Where did you go for undergrad and law school?


11 years. I went to undergrad at American University in Washington, DC and law school in San Diego, CA at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.


How did you meet your husband, James?  


I met James in high school through mutual friends and then reconnected with him about 15 years or so later


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