Brace for Impact – The Passion That Drives Heidari Law Group

Sam Heidari, the principal of the Heidari Law Group, was inspired to practice law because he wanted to have a positive impact on the rights and civil liberties of his clients. To understand what drives him, you have to consider the entire story. Like so many other exceptional people, attorney Sam Heidari started as an immigrant to the US. His passion was sparked by what he had seen happen to others around him as a boy. Growing up in a country which by his own admission had a justice system which pales in comparison to what we have here in the States, he felt a responsibility to help others at an early age.


Attorney Sam Heidari started out doing business litigation. However, this did not fulfill his urge to make a difference in the lives of individual citizens. The hallmark of their service is “competent and ethical lawyering.” The people that Heidari Law Group services are injured, hurt or had their personal rights infringed upon, and Sam Heidari feels that helping these people is his true calling.


The attorneys at Heidari Law Group are fighters, and there are several other factors that make them different from other law firms. First, they are not a trial-only firm. They are involved in the process from A to Z. Also, they are not a personal injury “mill.” Firms like that get a case and pass it off to another firm to handle the litigation if, and when they drop the ball. Not the Heidari Law Group. They take a case, and if it needs to be litigated, they handle the litigation from the drafts of the lawsuits all the way up to the final judgment after trial. This is a massive undertaking but they take the phrase “protecting your client’s interest” very seriously. They pride themselves on the 3 D’s: Diligence, Determination, and Dedication. According to Sam Heidari, these three words encompass the core values of Heidari Law Group, P.C., in the courtroom, the conference room, and out in public.


For those looking to hire an attorney, Heidari advises that one should do their due diligence. “If the attorney is practicing in the field of personal injury and charges you a consultation fee, that’s a red flag for me,” states Heidari. While this approach isn’t unethical, personal injury clients are often unable to work, dealing with expensive and accruing medical bills, and are under great psychological pressure as well. The last thing they need is to have to pay a consultation fee upfront to speak to an attorney. It is this protective “watchdog” mind state and commitment to best practices that makes Heidari Law Group one of the fastest-growing law firms in Nevada, with a track record of recovering millions for their clients.


So, what’s next for Heidari Law Group? They have multiple trials starting in both Nevada and California, and their lawyers are already in that “full-court press” mind state. Also, they will continue to look towards expansion to be able to bring more of the competent, ethical representation from which they have become known. They already serve clients in Las Vegas, Sacramento and Orange County, but they never take their eyes off the ball regarding when and where they can protect the rights of the people.


We celebrate Heidari Law Group, P.C. for being a beacon of hope for the infirmed, and a champion for the rights of those who are suffering. Simply put, Heidari Law Group puts the “personal” In personal injury representation. It is no wonder then, that Sam Heidari is one of our Top 100 Lawyers and one of the Best of MyVegas 2022. We thank them for their diligent service.


Heidari Law Group

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