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Having what it takes to pull it all together.

When it comes to mastering the real estate market, encompassing luxury real estate, high-rise, new homes, and Airbnb, Patty Linson has what it takes to pull it all together. At the helm of a unique Airbnb model, she has joined with a partner whose system of management has never before been executed with such dynamic results. Combined, they skillfully harness the real estate ownership side and the extensive Airbnb operations, proving they have what it takes to “generate and anchor” huge results for their clients.

Beginning in 2013, Patty had people begin to approach her wanting to “invest” into the Airbnb market. Since she is always committed to “complete” understanding of a topic, and awareness of the subject responsibly passed through to the client, Patty dove in, head first, to investigate this newly developing platform and communicate the information to the clients. “I had extensive conversations with city and county officials, obtaining the requirements for my clients, the steps they’d need to take in order to create a successful and “legal” Airbnb investment operation,” she said.

The requirements, at that time, did not “assure” the investor that once they purchased a property, they would be approved with proper permitting, and other requirements. As a result, she elected to stay out of that area of practice, UNTIL a faithful client shared with her, who and how, he was operating a successful Airbnb with. Finally, she found her new Airbnb partner.

With her skill set of buying, selling, and identifying real estate for clients, as well as negotiating and “landing” the properties for her clients, coupled with her partner’s understanding of the Airbnb world, they work together like peanut butter and jelly.

But, like most real-estate undertakings, there are lots of moving parts and you must have the plan and operation to pull it all together. They do.

The strategy is to stay within close proximity of Las Vegas’s top spots for tourism, conventions, shows, and the great Raider’s Stadium. We do allow ourselves to

expand beyond that radius a bit, but we want to be identified as the “go to properties,” specifically accessible to the Raider’s fans, strip and convention visitors, and the leisure traveler who has specific lodging needs. Additionally, we want to purchase homes in areas that don’t have HOA’s or restrictive CC&R’s.

We have very strict noise and property care agreements and with our own concierge services and maintenance, our properties are kept in pristine condition.

Every property is unique to the next but having a complete support system in place will allow you to maximize your return-on-investment portfolio. Our partnership and commitment to owners and investors goes hand in hand with our success. With the right investors and the right property portfolio, our company supports everyone’s investment.

You can contact Patty at and 702-353-3844.

Patty Linson is Vegas Born and Raised, licensed since 1988. She comes from a thriving multi-generational, Vegas Born family, which translates into knowledge of Vegas that is systemic to her.



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