SOLARIT® – Issue 122

One Man’s Crusade to Change the Solar Industry by Artificial Intelligence

Soon, almost every home will use renewable energy. And it is no wonder that solar energy has taken over Las Vegas, as we have an abundance of sun in our city. However, the solar industry remains unregulated and there is no established price for solar panel installations.

Most solar companies aim to get their foot in the door and have a home visit, and most solar salespeople work on commission, so the higher the profit, the higher the commissions. Unregulated prices plus commissioned salespeople, equals homeowners paying whatever price they’re given.

Abraham Valentino, CEO of SOLARIT®, is here to change the way solar is offered to consumers.

Abraham started his first software company before the age of 18 and went on to grow an extensive real estate development background, which led him to the solar energy sector. At first, his company SOLARIT® established a programming team to design a suite of software that scientifically calculated solar energy needs for homeowners. This software was being used as a Point of Sale to assess homeowners’ solar energy size and long-term ROI.

Over the years, Abraham Valentino, decided to use science to reduce his overhead and make it easier for consumers to access the feasibility of solar energy for their property, making it much easier to purchase solar without having to dealwith a pushy salesperson.

Abraham explains, “The basis of most inventions come from a need. The need I planned to fill was stopping the madness of hiring and training people to market and sell solar. Therefore, I closed our sales department and expanded our technology development team who created state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence Technology to replicate my sales and customer service team.”

You may ask, “If there are no salespeople, how can people purchase solar?” Abraham answers, “SOLARIT® offers a complete, online artificial intelligence resource for all your solar questions. By submitting your zip code and average monthly electric cost, you can receive a complete solar installation proposal with multiple financing options in just a few seconds. No Personal information is required.”

Without sales commissions, you also receive the most fair and competitive price in the market today. Abraham adds, “We have all electric rates for all power providers and 11 years of rate history in the United States. Our prices are the most accurate and fair, across all solar companies. Our AI technology has no emotions, is not commission-based and not driven by greed. It is fact based, and consumers trust it more. What we provide is based on science and information. Our solar energy assessment is almost 100% comparable with National Renewable Energy Assessment (figures, or calculation) for any latitude and longitude on earth. So, when we provide both solar energy system size recommendation, and Projected ROI, it is based on science and facts.”

SOLARIT® offers a technology where you can get a scientific and accurate solar proposal and multiple financing options using 4 types of contact: Text, Call, Visit, and Scan.

1. Send a text to 877-260-2299 with your zip code and average monthly electric bill. Receive your solar installation proposal link via text on your phone.

Example: 89134 $250

2. Call 877-260-4567 and speak to SOLARIT®’s Artificial Intelligence Human-like Avatar named “Cyrus.” Cyrus is like Amazon’s Alexa, except Cyrus can answer thousands of solar related questions, schedule a free phone consultation with a SOLARIT® representative, and generate

and send a custom solar proposal with multiple financings option.

3. Scan the QR code. Yes, getting an accurate and scientific solar proposal does not require meeting a salesperson for hours! Scan the QR code, enter your zip-code and average monthly electric bill, and instantly receive your proposal link on your phone.

4. Visit SOLARIT® on and you will find a short form that will generate an accurate solar proposal and does not require any personal information.

If you’ve been interested in lowering your energy bill, use the most intelligent and accurate solar energy resource in the United States: SOLARIT®

If you have recently installed solar on your home, SOLARIT® will like to meet with you. SOLARIT® will analyze your solar system installation, and you can get an instant quote during the interview to compare. SOLARIT® plans to help educate consumers in Las Vegas by interviewing and publishing the experience and cost of those homeowners who have recently installed solar. SOLARIT® plans to publish such consumer feedbacks via this publications as well.