Tony Alamo – Issue 122

Remember when your parents said you could be whatever you want to be?



Chemistry degree from UNLV. Medical degree from USC. Director and Founder of a bank chartered by the FDIC. Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission. Chairman of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Ringside physician. Chief of Staff of two hospitals. Commercial Pilot. Member of the LVMPD SAR-SWAT Tactical Medical Team.


What do all these distinctions have in common? They can all be claimed by one person.


The strikingly personable Dr. Tony Alamo was inspired to pursue medicine because he loved science and saw medicine as a way to give back. Well-rounded and determined, this doctor is hell-bent on “paying it forward,” using whatever avenue that avails itself to him. His most prevalent means is medicine. As the doctor states, “What did medicine give me? The ability to have the “cup.” My cup runneth over and that’s what I’m here for.” Being a physician started him in the “philanthropist scene,” and he hasn’t turned back since.


To better understand the doctor’s motivation for service, it’s important to note his upbringing. He was born and raised in Nevada, and his father, a Cuban immigrant, was a dealer in a casino who pushed education “real hard.” This may have been the seed that was planted which eventually allowed for his chairmanship of the Gaming Commission, a span of 12 years, ending in 2020 when he resigned to devote his entire attention to the fight against Covid-19. As Governor Sandoval stated in 2014, “Tony’s background and experience chairing several state commissions will ensure a smooth transition to the Gaming Commission and its effective regulation of the gaming industry.”


Another interesting fact about Dr. Alamo is his love for boxing. Boxing has always been fascinating to Dr. Alamo. So much so, he became a licensed ringside physician. While studying at USC School of Medicine, he had “a few things” published. Most notably, a study on Closed Head Trauma in boxers, which is important work that helped other physicians gain a comprehensive understanding of how to better serve patients whose conditions have causes that are athletic in nature. He also served on the Nevada State Athletic Commission as a member and later as its chair, making Nevada history by being the first person to chair both the Athletic Commission and the Gaming Commission in the Silver State. He was also the Chairman of the Athletic Commission’s Medical Advisory Board in 2000.


Aside from this, Dr. Alamo also worked with Metro PD for 20 years of his life. With specialized training in Tactical Trauma medicine, Dr. Alamo was Tactical Physician for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police SWAT Team for over 20 years. In April 2006, he was the first civilian awarded the “Medal of Unit Valor” for “Valorous Conduct” following a hostage barricade situation.


Although the doctor wears many hats, let’s not forget his center, the core which allows him to add value to many lives while enriching his own: medicine. After his residency at Los Angeles

County-USC General and Huntington Hospitals, Dr. Alamo returned to Las Vegas and founded the Alamo Medical Clinic. After 23 years and growing it to a successful multi-provider group practice, it merged with Optum Healthcare. He joined them in 2017 and ascended to the position of Chief Medical Director of Network Operations Nevada, thus responsible for the coordination of care of nearly 25,000 Medical Advantage patients statewide.


Limiting oneself to the pursuit of only one profession is normal for some, but not for Dr. Alamo. He also holds a Commercial Pilot Instrument Rating. With his flight experience of over 38 years, he can work as a pilot at any charter airline he wants. He has owned 6 different aircrafts throughout his life, yet he’s a commercial pilot who’s never flown for pay or hire. Flying’s a passion of his and it’s something to fall back on just in case being too awesome doesn’t work out. “I’ve been an aviator since the age of nineteen. I wanted to go to the Air Force and later apply to the NASA space program, but I needed glasses in college and in those times, it was a no-go,” he states. It’s rare to have accomplished so much and yet remain as grounded, grateful, and gracious as Tony Alamo, MD.



By Daryl K. Jones


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