Scofield Realty – Issue 122


Mikey Del Rosario & His Evergrowing Real Estate Team

Mikey Del Rosario is a realtor like no other. This may sound like a platitude, but with Mikey it means much more. His keen eye is focused on the future realtors of the industry, and not only with his own success. At the beginning of 2021, he decided to mentor a group of professionals whose businesses were affected by the pandemic. These brave souls came from several different industries, some from other states and one from another country. They were looking for a sustainable change and wanted to try their collective hands at real estate. Having intricate knowledge of the industry, Mikey Del Rosario was absolutely the one who could help them achieve that mission. Determined to pay it forward, Mikey states, “My goal was to help them all be successful professionals, be there as they face their fears through unfamiliar situations and failures and build their confidence when looking down a seemingly scary road through a completely new career.”

When Mikey started mentoring these professionals, the number one virtue needed to be effective in guiding them to success was patience, and by his estimation, “more patience than ever.” He noted this fact after assisting with the mentorship program reminded him of the hardships he once faced as a new professional in the business himself. This ensures that his patience was also coupled with compassion, as he could relate to his group in ways they didn’t even know they needed yet. Luckily, the mentorship program provides unparalleled support, thus making it an easier transition into real estate than he could’ve imagined for these professionals.

The insight into the world of real estate that Mikey provides for these aspiring professionals is not only to help them succeed but is imparted with the hope that one day they will be in a position to pay it forward themselves. He drives this point home, stating, “I wish them all the best of luck and I’m hopeful that they will all take a mentorship role in the future.” We respectfully celebrate Mikey Del Rosario for being a well-versed real estate professional who remains one of the best at his craft while contributing to the greater good and unwaveringly serving the community.

Starting this year as a small boutique brokerage with 10 licensed agents, Mikey and his team have come a long way. Growing to 75 agents, after being selected as an exclusive Zillow Flex Partner, and projecting to reach over 150 agents by the end of the year, it is easy to see that guidance and patience can take a team far past what they can imagine.

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