Neck and Back Clinics – Issue 122

Dr. Benjamin S. Lurie’s, chiropractic phy- sician and CEO of The Neck and Back Clinics, story begins right here in 1969 as a native of our city. As Las Vegas has ex- ponentially grown, so has The Neck and Back Clinics. Dr. Lurie and his amazing staff have been caring for patients, in- cluding personal injury and workman’s compensation.
After rising through valley schools as a scholarship athlete and leaving Las Vegas to continue his education from obtain- ing his B.S. in Zoology from SUU, then to Iowa, he returned to our great State after graduating from Palmer College of Chiro- practic as a Doctor in Chiropractic. While attending Palmer, Dr. Lurie was awarded the top Clinical Excellence Award and two Certificates of Merit for student teaching Neuromusculoskeletal and Technique. Dr. Lurie served as a member of the school’s ethics Board as a student member from 1996 – 2000. He obtained his Certificate in Spinal Trauma from Life West Uni- versity and has an advanced Certificate in Whiplash and Biomechanics from the Spine Research Institute of San Diego, Dr. Arthur Croft.
Dr. Lurie served on the Chiropractic Board of Physicians from 2010-2018 and served in all leadership positions. Dr. Lurie served as the legislative chair of the CPBN. Dr. Lurie served as the dis- trict IV director of the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Twice, Dr. Lurie received an award for Board of the Year from the FCLB. Dr. Lurie is a board mem- ber for Boys and Girls Club of Southern Nevada. Dr. Lurie currently serves on the Southern Nevada Disciplinary Committee for the Nevada State Bar as a lay member.
As a chiropractic physician and COO of The Neck and Back Clinics, Dr. Matthew C. Olmstead has been practicing since 2003. Throughout the last eighteen years at The Neck and Back Clinics, Dr. Olm- stead’s role has evolved. He now manag- es clinic operations for eight locations in
Nevada and two locations in Arizona. Dr. Olmstead is also responsible for leading the clinic support staff, allowing for clin- ics to run smoothly and efficiently, while providing high quality patient care. He strives to create a positive overall experi- ence for patients.
Not only is Dr. Olmstead an incredible chiropractic physician, he also has a tre- mendous level of knowledge and experi- ence, with extensive training and years of working with patients with a wide range of injuries. He earned a Doctorate Degree (cum laude, 2002) and a Bachelor of Sci- ence Degree from Western States Chiro- practic College in Portland, Oregon, after studying Exercise and Movement Science at the University of Oregon. He continues to expand his chiropractic knowledge by attending continuing education events on a range of topics.
At The Neck and Back Clinics, Dr. Olm- stead’s level of expertise and extraordinary ability to connect with patients through easy-to-understand explanations allows him to be a well-regarded chiropractic phy- sician amongst his colleagues and patients. Over the years, his presence has been re- quested in over 40 trials and depositions, to provide his professional opinions on chiro- practic matters.
Dr. Benjamin S. Lurie and Dr. Matthew C. Olmstead, alongside their clinics’ other knowledgeable and skilled team mem- bers, lead clinical operations to ensure the primary mission of the clinics, to pro- vide high quality care to all patients. THE NECK & BACK CLINICS
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