Leila Hale – Issue 122

MYVEGAS Magazine had the pleasure of sitting down with Leila in an exclusive interview to get to know her better and see what drives her to be one of our Top 100 Lawyers of the Year.

MyVegas: What made you go into the field of personal injury law?

Leila: I came from a family of doctors, nurses and dentists, and like them, I wanted to help people and make a posi- tive difference in their lives. I wasn’t a fan of studying for science and math classes in college, so quickly discovered the best way that I could personally make a differ- ence in our clients’ lives is to make sure they are compensated for injuries that were no fault of their own, and ensure they are not being taken advantage of.

MyVegas: Who are your clients?
Leila: Our firm focuses on helping in- jured victims and stopping insurance in- justice. Our clients include those injured in ride share accidents, such as Uber or Lyft, and in accidents involving self-driv- ing cars. We also handle premises inju- ries, pedestrian, motor vehicle, large truck accidents and motorcycle acci- dents. Many of our clients are locals, but we accept cases throughout the country.

MyVegas: What sets you apart from many other accident attorneys locally?

Leila: To best represent someone, it’s essential to get to know their personal story and find out how the injury affects them. Sitting down with my clients indi- vidually and hearing them out is the best way I can later stand up for them. We believe in showing care, compassion, and concern for our clients. We believe they are incredibly strong and didn’t de- serve to have this happen to them, and these sessions provide opportunities for our team to seek fair compensation for their injuries, loss of income, and pain and suffering. We prefer quality over quantity. We are not, and will never be, a
“settlement” mill. We are relationship focused, which is why we continue to enjoy a high rate of personal referrals.

MyVegas: What drives you to do what you do?

Leila: We are passionate about the rights of injured people. That means we don’t focus on ourselves—we focus on the is- sues facing our clients AND on doing great work. We want our clients to come back even stronger than they were before being injured and we are always thinking of how we can do more to help them by stopping the injustice insurance compa- nies try to force them to accept inade- quate settlements.

MyVegas: What should someone do if he or she is in an accident?

Leila: First and foremost, if you are injured and need emergency care, make your well-being your top priority. Then contact us and we will do the rest. Your health and safety are always our top concerns.

MyVegas: What can someone do to protect themselves against accidents?

Leila: Call us for a free insurance review. In our experience, ensuring that you have good coverage is the best way to protect yourself against unforeseen damages after an injury. We will go over your policy and make sure you have the coverage that best fits the needs of you and your family, even if the accident is NOT your fault. Be proactive. Purchasing your insurance plan requires thoughtfulness you may not have given to that purchase in the past. There is nothing quite like a life changing injury to make you reconsider your personal insurance needs. What kind of coverage do you need to replace your car, cover your medical expenses, ensure you have a rental to drive while you replace or repair your vehicle? I get it, it wasn’t your fault. But Nevada doesn’t require drivers to protect themselves, and it doesn’t require drivers to protect the
injury they may cause to others for any more than 25/50. That’s it. Is that enough for you and your family?

MyVegas: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Leila: I expect our self-driving vehicle division, and our ride-share team will continue to get busier and busier. I would like to have delivered another $300 million in settlements and judgments in favor of my clients by then.

MyVegas: Five quick facts about you… GO!

1. I started the firm on a dare. Never bet
against me.
2. I won a pageant. The scholarship
award helped pay for college.
3. I wanted to be a weather girl, Cow- boys cheerleader, and a ballerina when I was a little girl. I wanted it all. 4. I love home improvements. I’ve tiled, painted, caulked, sanded, refinished, installed wood floors, planted trees, and reupholstered furniture. In hindsight, I should have invested in Home Depot stock.
5. I think I should be a stand-up comedian. No one else does though.

MyVegas: Successful recent case or story

Leila: We are part of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum because we’ve obtained numerous million dollar + settlements for our clients. We love big settlements, but sometimes it’s about going the extra mile, and finding coverage where no one else sees it. Sometimes it’s about being willing to embrace new challenges and thinking outside the box. Through our team’s great investigative work, we were able to find additional coverage through a divorced parent of a minor adverse driver. That extra effort made an additional $250,000 policy available to our injured client! The client was ready to settle her claim after another firm told her there was not more coverage. Turn- ing a $250,000 settlement into a $525,000
settlement made a difference in our cli- ent’s life. I personally delivered a settlement check for over three quarters of a million dollars to a client. It’s surreal to witness that kind of life changing moment. That said, a successful case doesn’t always mean a high dollar outcome, it’s about doing the right thing for our client. We believe in putting our egos aside, and putting our clients’ needs first.
The greatest reward is obtaining the best possible outcome and providing unparalleled customer service.

MyVegas: Any new projects coming soon?

Leila: Our short-term goals are to open more local offices to better serve every inch of this amazing city. After that, we’ll continue to scale the practice and open satellite offices in some of the neighbor- ing states I’m licensed in. We have a lot of talent in this office, and I’m looking for- ward to seeing individual attorneys shine and take lead in a city they have their heart set on calling home.

MyVegas: What is a special goal you have for your career?

Leila: I am presently licensed in Nevada, Idaho, Illinois, Georgia, Kentucky, Ari- zona, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Iowa, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota. One goal I have is to be licensed in all 50 states before I throw in the towel. I’m working on this now. It will take a little time. It takes solid processes and procedures to replicate a strong, customer service oriented, scalable law firm.

MyVegas: How does it feel to be awarded many business accolades over the years?

Leila: It’s nice to be recognized for all the hard work you put in to developing your own business. And I love the idea that I’m helping pave the way for future business owners. I hope I can inspire someone to do something they didn’t believe they could do. I was awarded Best Attorneys of America for Personal Injury, Best of the Best for Personal Injury, and I am part of the Million Dollar Advocate Forum, and more. I am most proud of being selected SBA Business Woman of the Year. While it’s nice to receive recognition through business awards, I believe in staying humble. Putting the results of our clients ahead of our own needs is the ultimate reward.

MyVegas: How do you enjoy getting in- volved in the community?

Leila: As part of the Las Vegas commu- nity, I understand the importance of
supporting local businesses, school, and organizations. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself so I could take part in more community events! I truly enjoy meeting people and finding out what they love about this great city. As a business, we support other local businesses. Our office is proud to hire law clerks from William S. Boyd School of Law and believe in hiring promising clerks when they pass the bar. We sponsor local teams, and individual players. It’s fun to have someone send us a picture of their player in a jersey
we donated, or with a big smile as they open the swag we provide them. We regularly support local sports, arts, and cultural events. I am also actively involved with National Charity League where I’ve been blessed to sup- port numerous charitable organizations like
the Nevada Child- hood Cancer Foundation, American Heart Association, Down Syndrome of Southern Nevada, Families for Effective Autism, ALS of Nevada, HopeLink, the Josh Stevens Foundation, the Military Assistance Foundation, Spread the Word Nevada, Shriners, Opportunity Village, Three Square, Joy Prom, and the End Distracted Driving campaign. Leila’s practice is dedicated to rep- resenting victims of serious personal injury. At the core of this practice is heart. Leila says, “We under- stand our client is in a situation they have likely never experienced before and that along with that new experience comes fear, frustration, and of- ten anxiety about the unknown. Our goal is to minimize those emotions for our clients and help them navigate this often confusing and complex process.” A heartfelt