GK Properties – Issue 122

PUSHING THE LIMITS An unwavering commitment for fostering strong, long-lasting relationships is at the foundation of everything George Kypreos does. His deeply ingrained work ethic is a quality that his parents, Peter and Geri, instilled in him at an early age and is what drives him to set a great example for his daughter. A legacy of pushing beyond the limits is what motivates him to work tirelessly to achieve his best and help others do so as well. With experience comes wisdom, and Kypreos knows that to accomplish amazing things you need a dynamic team alongside you. He strives to inspire, mentor, and partner with agents to not only excel personally and professionally but, to ensure that as an industry, real estate professionals meet the high standards of providing Valley residents with their dream home buying or selling experience.

George is proud to be a Las Vegas and Green Valley native and is focused on showing locals, transplants, and visitors just how wonderful, resilient, and inspirational our city really is. He is propelled by a profound respect for the deeply personal connection families have in choosing the place they call home. Kypreos is dedicated to ensuring that his clients’ needs, wishes, and time are of the utmost priority. George’s passion for real estate and helping to strengthen the community has not gone unnoticed. He and his brokerage have earned various accolades for their dedication to providing excellent client service and assisting them in finding their perfect place in the Valley to live for years to come.

George’s enthusiasm for creating strong bonds in the community comes from his experience as a former professional Chef at his family-owned restaurant. As a result of his years of giving his customers a memorable, comforting taste of what Las Vegas has to offer, his flair for making those who he meets feel at home, comes from the heart. It is of no surprise to find George’s creative intellect and genuine love for people extends to the real estate industry. He knows that without a talented team, providing effortless service would not be achievable. For this reason, he enjoys collaborating with agents within and outside of his brokerage to help them realize their unlimited potential. “No limit” is his motto and he welcomes the opportunity to inspire others to reach their goals. George shared some insight to what has contributed to his success over the years. “What I find is the biggest mistake people make in their career is they’re afraid to ask for the business. A very wise man once told me, ‘If you don’t ask, you won’t get.’” George recollects one of the many instances where that advice rang true. “True story, that isn’t my dog in the picture. A lady was walking by while I was taking some photos and I asked her if I could borrow her dog for one of them. This proves my point, speak up and ask for what you are looking for. What’s the worst thing that can happen?”

With more than 25 years in business, George is also no stranger to hard work. He understands that through times of adversity, there is always an opportunity to renew your focus, lean on others when needed, be the one who provides a helping hand, or simply be a resource of added motivation for those who just need a little guidance in challenging times. In these exceptional times, we are reminded that situations may not always be familiar or comfortable. However, this provides the opportunity for us to push the boundaries of what we never thought were possible. In that fashion, George approaches these times with optimism and excitement of what is yet to come for our communities, our families, the real estate industry, and us as individuals to empower each other to exceed our greatest aspirations. Carpe diem.

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