Blankfeld Group – Issue 122

Knowledge Matters, Especially in Real Estate


For 21 years, Harvey Blankfeld has operated in the real estate industry helping buyers get the homes of their dreams, while also helping sellers get the most for their properties. The story behind what inspired Harvey to get into real estate is interesting, to say the least. He came to Las Vegas to help open the MGM, and had a stake in pizzerias inside the establishment. He recounts that he needed to find something more sustainable for himself and his family, so he started getting into Real Estate on a part-time basis. He quickly realized that he loved helping people sell their homes and getting “top dollar” for his client. That was, and is, his main objective.


With that in mind, he decided to take on the challenge of becoming a full-time Realtor, and has guided many people in the fulfillment of their dreams of home ownership. During his 21 years of being a Realtor, he shares with us that he’s learned a few key lessons, some of which he has passed on to his clients. The first of these is the fact that buying a home is the “most important financial decision most people will make” in their lifetime, and he makes sure to emphasize that “buying is always better than renting.” The one exception is if you plan on being in a certain city for less than two years. He says his ideal client is one who wants “the best possible value” for their home; those who want to get as much as they possibly can. After all, that is his specialty. As far as buyers go, his ideal candidate is one who really wants to “know the market, so they know they made the best possible choice” when picking a home.


Mr. Blankfeld says that financials are critical, but what’s more important is that their home is enjoyable; that they get what they like or need. This is evidenced by the fact that his business did not decrease during the pandemic. On the contrary, he asserts that business has been “crazy” because of it. He states that because people are spending more time at home, they began to realize that they really didn’t like where they were, and this caused his business to increase substantially.


Another lesson he wants to impart is that “Life is short, and market conditions always change. Don’t let market conditions dictate your life.” For instance, take the grandmother who wants to be close to her grandchildren. Mr. Blankfeld suggests that she should not wait for the market to change, as she may miss out on those precious moments while she waits for the market to get better.


Besides the fact that his team of 12 agents holds a century of combined experience, and his clients get the added benefit of his association with Berkshire Hathaway and yet, get the personalized service of a small brokerage, what differentiates Mr. Blankfeld and Blankfeld Real Estate Group from the others is the willingness to educate the public on matters that relate to the real estate industry. To this effect, he has a radio show that airs every week on 101.5 FM KDWN and 720 AM on Saturdays at 11:00 entitled Las Vegas Real Estate Now. The show is also available on all platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, and more. Anyone looking to buy, sell, or enter the business in any capacity is urged to tune in and listen.


When asked if there were any advice that he would like to give to those looking to become Realtors, he says, “To be a good realtor, you need to commit to the business full-time. Part-time will not allow you the skills, relationship, or the experience necessary to be effective for your clients.” For someone who started out making specialty pizza and ended up being associated with the biggest Real Estate holding company in the nation, he knows his craft and anyone who takes heed to his advice will find it more than worth it. We celebrate Mr. Harvey Blankfeld as one of the Top 100 Realtors in Las Vegas.


By: Daryl K Jones


Harvey Blankfeld, Lic#: S.0048897


Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

7475 W. Sahara Avenue Suite 100

Las Vegas, NV 89117



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