What’s meant to be will eventually find its way to you. There will always be trials in the way and a hard fight to get there, but fate found its way to Ann Marie Smidt and Michael Mair this past January that would make it all worthwhile. And all it took was one pinky promise to bring a family together.

Ann Marie is a globally recognized Celebrity Stylist who has also earned accolades in the top 2% for her real estate achievements. A well-known Las Vegas socialite, Ann Marie spent years as a regional manager in the fashion industry, however her proudest achievement is being the mother of triplets: Wes, Alex, and Angelina. Ann Marie is clearly the kid’s biggest fan and makes proud points about each one. “Alex, she’s so gorgeous but has no idea, which enhances her beauty even more. She loves to skate, race, do obstacle courses, and is a straight A student who can model, sing, and loves contemporary dance. Angelina is stunningly beautiful inside and out. She is striving and actively pursuing her career as a clothing designer, also loving to sing, act and model. The sole son of the triplets, Wesley, is the charmer, who talks like an old soul. He raps, dances while using his martial art background to choreograph his dance routines. He’s a gamer, who also sings, acts, and models. He’s definitely a ladies’ man that can work any room.”

Ann Marie continues to be a super mom, juggling it all. After the loss of her previous husband, she became a single mother who had to completely start over on her own. What some might consider a giant feat, Ann Marie took on the challenge and said, “There’s absolutely nothing I wouldn’t do, especially for my triplets.”

“Momager” of her children’s growing career in acting, dancing, and singing, coupled with her busy career in styling the latest celebrities and continuing to grow her business and brand, Ann Marie kept marching on. Over the next five years, while Ann Marie was balancing single mom life and her career, the triplets expressed the desire to have a dad again, and while she wasn’t shy of dating, it had to be the right one for her and for the kids.

Then along came Michael Mair, a 6-year, highly recognized realtor and investor in the luxury space with a background in building and upgrading cellular networks, most recently the Cricket Wireless network. His change of career into Real Estate was effortless for him, always a pro at creating the best possible experience for clients, instead now he was making memorable moments in families’ lives. Michael would admit that he has always been a committed man, in business and his personal life, and his persistence in life was just looking for its pair.

One night in January, Ann Marie and Michael found themselves at the same party, where their fairy tale began. They both are happy to admit their transition into partners was seamless and it just “made sense.” However, Ann Marie wasn’t the only one who fell in love with Michael… Soon thereafter, Wes, their son, remembers meeting Michael and saying, “That’s going to be my dad!” Angelina, their daughter, told Michael, “You need to pinky promise me that I will see you again.” It is safe to say that he took that promise very seriously. The triplets didn’t find a stepdad, they found a father.

Together, they are the epitome of a Power Couple. They work together, play together, and elevate each other. Working harmoniously in Real Estate, as well as helping each other in growing their businesses, in just ten short months they have flourished together. In June of this year, they officially tied the knot. And now, Michael is in the process of adopting the triplets, solidifying this family as a hardworking, talented, and devoted unit.

Ann Marie and Michael both have a tendency to attract exactly what’s meant to happen for each of them. Their common thread is always working hard for what they want in life, and it is safe to say their hard work has paid off, personally and professionally. It is only up to fate to decide the rest, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for this Power Couple.

Styled by: Edna Narrido Luer
Location: Wildseed Living, Town Square Las Vegas
Hair: Jayrua Glam, Celebrity Hair Stylist
Photographer: Jose M. Salinas


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