2022 Calendar Competition to Promote Women’s Empowerment and Inclusion

Las Vegas, NV (August 26 2021) The company Sexy, Classy and Bad Assy has just announced the launching  of a new 2022 calendar focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and women’s empowerment. The company is calling on women ages 35-65 in all shapes, sizes and colors to submit an application and registration, along with a photo and contact information online at www.sexyclassyandbadassy.com. Entrants will be reviewed by a team of judges based on their photo, and responses to a questionnaire in the registration process. 12 women will be selected from the applications to be in the 2022 calendar, and the overall winner will grace the cover of the 2023 calendar.
 A portion of sales from the calendar will go to benefit the charity Regeneration Vision Center, which is a safe place for acute trauma victims and survivors of human trafficking to obtain life and work skills.
The coordinators of this calendar, C. Regi Rodgers and Kim Singh hope to empower and enable the journey of women, giving them a platform that values integrity, character, intelligence, excellence, purpose and confidence.
C. Regi Rodgers, is a radio host, TV host, podcast host and author. He is a relationship guru and a well respected relationship coach in Las Vegas.
Kim Singh has her Masters degree in business intelligence and big data analytics from University Isabel 1/ENEB/MAC University. She also has a degree in business management and is a recent graduate of Stratford University.
For More Information please contact C. Regi Rodgers at 702-350-9063 or sexyclassyandbadassy@gmail.com