FlyOver Las Vegas

The Showcase Mall is getting re-vamped, starting with FlyOver Las Vegas – the Ultimate Flying Ride. Unlike anything else in Las Vegas, this multi-sensory experience will take you all around our beautiful state. Experience an incredible sensation of gliding through the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, the Las Vegas Strip, and more. 

Nothing says Las Vegas than a full-service bar and pre-show entertainment! You can spend as little as 45 minutes there or even a few hours. While waiting to ride, you can grab a drink, enjoy a show, or browse around the retail offerings. 

“The spherical screens are 52 feet high and they even go underneath you. Guests sit on one of two ride levels in a ride vehicle seat, put on a seatbelt, and it rolls out so you are suspended over and inside the screen,” Adams says. “No matter where you look, it’s up, down, all around you, so it really does feel like you’re flying. And it’s pretty smooth. I tell people to imagine you’re on the wings of a bird, not like you’re on a roller coaster.” 

What is a Flight Ride? – according to @flyoverlasvegas 

It’s truly like flying. You will be able to move, roll, coast, and soar above and amid stunning landscapes. 

The dome experience with its seamless circular screen and the innovative, high resolution projection system are both the best technology available  

The cutting-edge mechanical technology mimics the free-flowing flight of a bird and is coordinated with visuals.  

You can become one with your senses as you feel yourself being physically lifted as you move in coordination with the camera and can smell the virtual environment as you see it in front of you. 

There is so much depth to Las Vegas and the goal of FlyOver is to show that. 

The expected opening is fall of 2021.