The Official 2022 Grad Trip

Step aside Disneyland, Disney World, and even Six Flags, Las Vegas is making a splash in the the high school graduation market. The high school graduating Class of 2022 can celebrate big this year with the first ever graduation event hosted in our city of Las Vegas by Madi Monroe!  

The Official Grad Trip is a 4-night experience where graduating seniors andwill be able to attend private concerts and events at different popular locations while their parents can attend 21+ private events around Las Vegas from June 20-24, 2022. 

Some of the events include private concerts by Diplo, Loren Gray and Madi Monroe, a pool party at Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas Waterpark, a party at Area15, a tailgate at Brooklyn BowlBlack Tie event, and more! 

The Logistics: 

In order to attend the event, the graduates must at least 18 years old. 

Travel packages are $899 for graduates and an additional $499 if their parents want to attend. It also includes hotel accommodations and the entry to the private events and entertainment. 

Get all your classmates to join the waitlist HERE to guarantee a spot in the experience. The trip are booked on a school-by-school basis to ensure graduates from the same school can celebrate together. Once 50 classmates from the same school join the waitlist, guaranteed spot opens up for all grads from that school to reserve their space and book their travel package.

Only 250 high schools across the country will be able to take part in the even. If you are a senior in the graduating Class of 2022 and want to attend, 

JOIN THE WAITLIST and help your high school qualify as one of the first 250!

Why Vegas?

Co-founders Zach Samson and Andrew Citores have over 14 years of experience in the entertainment and travel industry, with the help of Las Vegas event industry professional Daren Libonati serving as producer of the live events managing and building Rock in Rio Las Vegas, the iHeartRadio Daytime Festival and the Day n Vegas hip-hop festival. They know Vegas. 


Historically, past graduation trips were just standard vacation packages bundled for small groups. There was no special celebration nor were parents included. High school graduation is a MAJOR family moment and they wanted to create an experience where graduates could celebrate and recognize the parents who helped them achieve success with two separate, but equally amazing celebratory trips!


Promise to produce events that are unforgettable and extraordinary with world-class entertainment in iconic venues.


Pledge to recognize the efforts of both students and parents with experiences worthy of these great accomplishments. 


"With The Official Grad Trip, graduates can experience world-class entertainment, hospitality and live event venues, all within a setting of their peers," said Andrew Citores, co-founder The Official Grad Trip. "The bonus for parents is that this is a trip they actually want to go on, too. Plus, we’re helping create fond memories of Las Vegas for a new generation of consumer who will look forward to returning to the destination when they come of age and can then enjoy everything the city has to offer.”