Wig Out Wednesday at Wink World

Looking to get over this hump day? Enjoy a day in another dimension at Wink World inside of Area 15. On Wednesdays, Wink World offers FREE admission to those who purchase a wig from their pop up store. This offer is only offered from 3 – 6 pm! After 6 pm, receive complimentary Chromadepth glasses with your purchase of a ticket to make your experience come to life. Can’t make it on Wednesdays, local deals are offered Monday to Thursday! To use a local discount, tickets have to be purchased on site.

Psychedelic Arthouse meets Carnival Funhouse

What is wink world? Wink world is an experience of mind, body, and sound. Chris Wink, the creator of Wink World, is the Chief Creative Officer of Blue Man Group and one of the Co-Founders. His Blue Man Group experience also played a part in the musical collaborations with Chris Dyas, Blue Man Group producer, to create three of six tracks for the rooms. At “Wink World: Portals Into the Infinite”, experience multimedia entertainment as you walk through six unique infinity mirror rooms. Wink wanted to create a unique exhibit that celebrates life’s infinite possibilities. To get things going, you walk through the aliume gallery, created by Alex Aliume, for a psychedelic, 3D black light art gallery. Don’t forget to put your Chromadepth glasses on and feel transformed into the art. Next, step into six infinity mirror rooms to experience something like never before.

A “Wink” is more than just an indication that someone is kidding. It represents a hybrid world that’s part reality, and part imaginary and dream-like, just like Wink World. - Chris Wink