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MYVEGAS had the chance to sit down with Lisa Quam, the Fine Home Specialist of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services. Learn more about Lisa and how she became one of Las Vegas’ top Luxury Real Estate Agents!


How long have you lived in Las Vegas and how did your career begin in Luxury Real Estate?

I have lived in Las Vegas for 41 years. In 2005 I joined the Shapiro and Sher Team, which was the Premier Luxury Real Estate team headed by the late Florence Shapiro. Florence was Las Vegas’ leading Luxury Specialist and I was incredibly blessed to be afforded her wealth of knowledge coupled with her intuitive understanding of her client’s needsShe possessed awe-inspiring grace and her smile lit up a room! She could also be quite firm when she needed to be, which worked to her and her clients’ advantage. We often referred to her as “The Iron Fist in a Velvet Glove.” They just don’t make ‘em like that anymore. I carry her spirit in ALL that I do and when faced with a challenging situation, I always ask myself, “What would Florence do?” and then I move forward with confidence. I am beyond grateful to have worked beside her for over 10 years, as she has helped mold me into the woman I am today.


What can clients expect when they hire you as their Luxury Specialist?

My clients are GUARANTEED my experience, knowledge and expertise. As stated previously, I learned from THE BEST and I carry that with me always, however, I also bring MY personality, experience and commitment to excellencewhich translates to being ‘hands on’ for ALL of my clients. I do everything on behalf of my clients’ best interests. When I take a listing, I attend the photo shoots and ALL of the showings; I do not hand the listing off to ANYONE else. When a listing goes into escrow, I also handle that from beginning to end, leaving NOTHING on the table. My clients are my top priority, you can read what they say about me by visiting my website at and click the “testimonials” tab.


 How do you prepare a home to go to market?

After touring the home and deciding to take on the listingI ask my clients to make sure ALL lighting, inside and out, is in proper working order, including pool and landscaping lighting, as lighting is KEY! I also ask that any fountains be in working order, remove clutter from counter tops and shelving. We want to have the potential buyers imagine their items in the home. I provide my clients with tips for creating an inviting space, as first impressions are EVERYTHING!


What do you recommend to buyers who are looking to relocate to Las Vegas?  

First off I would say, “Welcome! Secondarily, Id ask them if they prefer city life, rural or suburban living. Then I would drive them through the areas that may be suited to their lifestyle. I would also share with them the many wonderful things Las Vegas has to offer including hiking in the gorgeous Red Rock mountains and if they would like to see snow, but not live in it, there’s our beautiful Mt. Charleston! Having lived in Las Vegas for over 40 years, I feel I have a wealth of information to share with folks looking to relocate to Las Vegas and I am always excited to show them! 


How is the current Luxury market standing with the pandemic slowdown?

Funny enough, the Luxury market has done quite well during this crazy time!  We are getting many buyers from California and other states with cost of living increases. Vegas offers much more bang for the buck, even in Luxury, as opposed to California and other states with high tax rates. Affluent buyers are seeing the benefits of changing their address to Nevada and we welcome them to our GREAT city, however, please leave the taxes behind you!  ;-)


Any exciting business or personal ventures coming in 2021?

Like everyone, I am excited for the future!! I am looking forward to putting this virus in the rearview! If there is anything this pandemic has done for me, it has made me even more grateful for the many blessings in my life. I am grateful to be living and working in one of the greatest cities in the world and in the most exciting career of my life! Every day is an opportunity to build on the previous and I am excited for what the future brings!  Each and every day I say to myself “Make It Count” and I mean that for all facets of my life, as I take NONE of it for granted! 


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