Following Dr. Feneck On Her Journey to Reform

Dr. Susan Feneck is one of the country’s most eminent advocates for change and reform in the American Juvenile Justice System, and we do not say that with a grain of salt. Awarded time and time again for her work in our community and nationally through her annual Juvenile Justice Impact galas, as well as her continued efforts to bring awareness to the system, it is almost impossible not to

stand behind her mission.


Dr. Feneck’s peers have nominated her once again for 2021 Top 100 Doctors, after being nominated in 2020 for Top 100 Doctors and in 2019 for Top 100 Women of Influence and Top 100 Doctors. Her back-to-back nominations are what we can only conclude to be her tenacity and strength in wanting to affect change.


This past November, Dr. Feneck gathered with her peers at her 2nd Annual Juvenile Justice Impact Gala, held at the Richard Steele Foundation & Boxing Club, founded by boxing Hall of Famer Richard Steele, who also played an intricate role in this year’s gala. When the overflowing number of supporters wanted to show their support again and attend the event where the previous venue just couldn’t hold the amount of people, Richard Steele was more than happy to provide their facility as a space. Dr. Feneck is so thankful for him opening his doors to the event, and she was happy to provide him the biggest donation check for his unmatched support and more importantly, his work with youth and at-risk youth in our community.


This year’s gala had almost tripled the local and national support of last year’s event. This year saw the addition of a silent auction and the giveaway of a scholarship, initiated by Maria Novello-Simpson, CEO of the Nevada School of Professional Studies. The scholarship, totaling $10,000, was given to a student chosen by Jack Martin, the Director of Juvenile Justice Services Clark County, who was on Dr. Feneck’s JJI Gala panel last year.


The night impacted all attendees, which were all event sponsors, including Gold, Silver, and Bronze level sponsors who graciously donated to the cause and received awards as well as certificates of appreciation. The proceeds from the Juvenile Justice Gala were also able to give a donation check to Rethink Worldwide for the implementation of at-risk youth prevention programs as well as another donation check to the Global Youth Justice, Inc.


Like last year, Dr. Feneck had an extraordinary panel at her gala including the Hon. Arthur L. Burnett, Sr., the First African American US Federal Magistrate Judge, Stavros Anthony the Mayor Pro Tem, and Donch’e King, State of Nevada Office of the Attorney General (who also sits on the Board at the Richard Steele Foundation). There were also 10 chaplains in attendance who walked with white candles to an acoustic version of “Dream On” to pay tribute to the thousands of youths lives that have been unnecessarily lost in the system. Dr. Feneck also presentedeach chaplain a certificate of appreciation.


Following a night filled with heartwarming stories and our community paying it forward, Dr. Feneck is excited to share that the 3rd Annual Juvenile Justice Impact Gala will be held on October 16th, 2021. Dr. Feneck is also assembling a task force to implement preventative measures and programs that can help prevent children from being dragged into the system, rather than damage control later. Dr. Feneck is determined about holding the galas each year, not to dazzle and wear dresses, but to create an outcome and affect change in a system that accepts status quo.


Dr. Feneck would like to recognize Jack Martin, Director, Clark County Department of Juvenile Justice Services, and thank him for making the incredible choice of a youth who received the scholarship, as well as a thank you to the Honorable William O. Voy, Eighth Judicial District Court, Family Division, for both of their continued extraordinary and successful work for youth in our community. Lastly, Dr. Feneck would like to thank Li Jackson, President of Rethink Worldwide for her extraordinary amount of work and dedication to make this year’s gala as successful as it was.


For more details, please visit Dr. Feneck’s website &


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