Dr. Larry Holt- Precision Spinal Care Las Vegas

Dr. Larry Holt has over 20 years of experience as a practicing physician treating neck & back pain. He has developed a protocol that uses precise high-tech equipment and that does not involve dangerous medication or surgery. After treating thousands of patients, he came up with this new protocol by observing what has worked, and more importantly, what didn’t work. As a native of Las Vegas, Dr. Holt attended the College of Southern Nevada and the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He subsequently enrolled at the accredited Life Chiropractic College West in the Bay Area, where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree. After successfully passing national and state boards, he became licensed to practice in Nevada. Dr. Holt is Board Certified by the American College of Addiction & Compulsive Disorders in Addiction Treatment and Board Certified by NIRSAT to perform impairment ratings on injured workers. He is advanced proficiency rated in many different spinal manipulation techniques and continually attends seminars to enhance his knowledge & skills.

Phone: 702-659-6509
Email: info@precisionspinalcare-lv.com