From the outside looking in, the sharply dressed Owner/Broker of 1st Priority Realty with the wide, welcoming smile and can-do attitude seems to have it all — a beautiful healthy family, a successful career and a growing business. But for this magnate, it hasn’t always been that way. Shane Nguyen started from the bottom and has worked tirelessly day and night to achieve and surpass every goal he set for himself.

After working in the financial sector, Shane wanted to set his sights towards a new career path, and he recognized Real Estate was the perfect career for him because of the entrepreneurial spirit that he has and that one needs to truly succeed in Real Estate. Shane knew taking a step into this grand new direction had the potential for significant impact in his life and for his family, but could not have imagined just how much.

Shane heavily credits his family for his success in both life and in Real Estate. His mother and father instilled values in him, like working hard and going for his dreams, that drove him to become the successful businessman he is today. He has an incredible partner in his wife who cares for their beautiful children and constantly supports him to grow both his brand and his company in the Las Vegas community.


Shane’s motivation for this profession has always been working to achieve and exceed his clients dreams and goals of home ownership. Seeing the faces of his clients when he hands them the keys to their new home is a driving force for Shane, as each time, it is priceless seeing the joy on their faces. When a person hires Shane as their Top Agent to sell their home, they know how seriously he takes his attention to detail. This shows in every aspect, from listing the home, to marketing the property, and keeping in contact every step of the way until the home is sold. When someone hires Shane as their Top Agent to buy a home, they find comfort in knowing he understands what their needs are, as well as their likes and dislikes. The attention to detail carries over when showing homes, from knowing what architecture the client prefers, what amenities they want and need in their future home and the kind of lifestyle that they want to obtain or maintain. No matter what side of the transaction Shane is on, he keeps the client comfortable through his consistent contact and transparency on what is happening through every step of the transaction process, from the first listing to the final signatures.

Being the people person that he is, Shane truly believes that helping his clients through the process of buying or selling their home is the main motivation and thrill he gets from this amazing job and career! For this Top Agent, there is nothing quite like the process of finding a client’s dream home. He will always negotiate hard to get the best price for the house. The joy that comes from letting his clients know their dream home is in contract and what day they should have the keys to open the door on the next phase of their life is like no other. Through that process, helping them to understand the nuances like the inspection, what repairs should be asked for, processing all the paperwork, is all part of the end goal. Then on that last golden day, the client signs the paperwork for one of the biggest investments of their life and he gets to meet them at their new home, and observe the joy and excitement in their smiles when he hands them their keys and watches them walk into their dream home, as truly their home for the first time. The gratification of delivering the dream experience to a client and helping to guide them through the Real Estate process is a neverending wellspring of joy for Shane.

Shane also loves getting involved and helping out the Las Vegas community as much as he can. He sees this as his responsibility, not only as a citizen of this amazing community, but because of how much this gracious community has given to him and his family. When someone helps him or his family, he loves to pay it forward. Shane believes it is important to assist as many people and organizations as he can, especially those that help people grow, whether that be in their careers, social life, family life, or just their personal endeavors. A short list of examples are his involvement in AREAA, WCR, NAREB, NAHREP, and VAREP. Shane enjoys being able to bring additional exposure to these wonderful organizations when helping or working, showing “behind the scenes” videos or social media posts, bringing awareness and showing people and other leaders within the community different ways they can contribute. As a father, he wants to help make this community as strong and vibrant as it can possibly be, not only for his own children but the generations to come.

Shane is constantly looking for the next challenge and enjoys exploring options on how to take his business to the next level, just refusing to stay stagnant. He sees growth and change as a way to evolve into the next version of himself, regardless of the challenges he may face along the way. His values and his personality do not allow him to be okay sitting around and doing a bare minimum of transactions a year. Shane is consistently hungry for more, purely for the joy of helping clients and associates realize their dreams.

While he has been recognized as one of the Top Social Media influencers by the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, Shane’s motivation for success has never been accolades. Shane’s reward is each transaction he closes that has a happy and satisfied client whether it be the seller or the buyer.

The course of 2020 is one that could never have been predicted. As a community advocate, Shane finds it most important to step up where he is able to. During the beginning of this pandemic, Shane saw a need that needed to be filled. UMC, one of our incredible local hospitals that stepped up when coronavirus was at its worst, threw out a call for masks and gloves, as supplies were getting low very quickly. Shane reached out to his social media community to ask people to donate their unused masks and gloves. Within 5 short days, Shane had collected over 34,000 gloves and 5,000 masks that were donated and delivered to UMC. Getting the community involved to donate supplies for our local hospitals was just one of his ways of supporting the community where his family thrives. This year, when we have all been stricken with tough times due to COVID-19, the fulfillment that he receives from supporting his community and from continuing to help navigate clients through the uncharted waters of modern Real Estate during a pandemic has been even more gratifying. The fact that he still has business, referrals, and repeat clients is a testament to the kind of man he really is. Shane has said on many occasions, “It is my honor and privilege to have such amazing clients as I do!” 

Shane Nguyen  


1st Priority Realty  



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