Dr. Julie Quan – Chiropractor Wellness & Family

Dr. Quan practices the Gonstead System of Chiropractic which is a specific hands-on technique that carefully analyzes which nerve may be the cause of the health issue. It is a unique technique that requires additional certification after one completes Chiropractic School and is a more skillful approach to Chiropractic.

Dr. Quan is not a neurologist and does not claim to cure or treat any condition. She does, however, work with the nerve pathways coming out of the spine to give life to every part of the body. When there is interference in these pathways, multiple symptoms and diseases can manifest.

“My goal is to empower patients to create wellness with prevention,” she says. “To support that goal, aside from treating patients, we offer a free health class once a month where we discuss issues related to good health as well as some basics around the importance that a properly functioning nervous system has in overall health and wellness.”

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