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Kathia works tirelessly for her passion in assisting and helping her immigrant clients around the world. Kathia’s work focuses essentially on the immigration laws of the United States.

She is admitted to work as an attorney in the state of Nevada, the Nevada Supreme Court, the Federal District Court and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Kathia is a member of numerous immigrant advocacy associations, such as the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

Kathia has experienced a variety of cultures and countries on her way to what is now her home: Las Vegas, Nevada. Kathia studied dentistry at the National University Federico Villarreal in Lima after graduating from a Catholic school for women. After two years she enrolled in journalism school and studied two professional careers. Simultaneously Kathia worked for the Grunenthal laboratories where she directed Servimed, the division of scientific information for medical professionals and dentists. At the same time she worked as a dentist through private practice.

In 1996, Kathia moved to the United States and married her husband Carlos, initiating a life without luxuries but with great determination to move forward in her career. After the birth of Daniel, her first child, Kathia enrolled into William S. Boyd Law School in 2001. At the University of Law, Kathia was a law review member and distinguished herself for studying business and bankruptcy laws. She interned with Bankruptcy Judge, Linda Riegle. However, God had other plans for Kathia and during her last year in law school, Professor David Thronson offered her a position at the University’s Immigration Clinic. Kathia accepted the position and accepted the will of God. Since then Kathia has dedicated her professional life to the service of immigrants from all over the world.

Her experience in journalism and as a dentist allows Kathia to understand and empathize with the pain and suffering of her clients. After finishing law school, Kathia founded Pereira & Associates, a law firm dedicated to representing immigrants, with a special dedication towards victims of domestic abuse, a topic that even today is very present in her life. Soon, Kathia realized that the lack of education on immigration issues victimized many immigrants. She decided to take action on the matter. Kathia contacted the local newscast Telemundo and they gave her the opportunity to create a small segment called Inmigracion al Dia (Immigration a Day). During this segment, Kathia taught immigration laws in an easy way for all the public to understand. When the local newscast Telemundo closed, Univisión allowed Kathia to continue this segment and Inmigracion al Dia (Immigration a Day), becoming a very solid and appreciated knowledge space.

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