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David Jacks was born and raised in Las Vegas and is a veteran of the United States Army. After the completion of his service in the military, David became a construction superintendent in Las Vegas during a major period of growth for the city. Following this, David went to college at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and became a law clerk for a local law firm. Once David earned his undergraduate degree in political science with a focus in public law, he entered law school with the aspiration to one day have his own legal practice. During his studies, David gained knowledge of a wide array of legal topics, but he primarily focused on family law as this was going to be the backbone in which he wanted to build a law firm.

Following law school in 2010, David passed the Nevada Bar Exam in 2011 and accomplished his goal of opening up his own law practice and focusing in family law. In family law, David represents clients when they are getting divorced, have child custody issues, if the client needs to relocate with children or prevent a relocation if a former partner is trying to relocate with children.

Throughout the time he has spent in practice, David has represented thousands of clients all across Clark County. In addition to this, David’s appetite for knowledge and constant desire to improve has led him to participate in the Family Law Conference in 2006, 2012-2019 and attend many Advanced Family Law continuing legal education courses. To the best of David’s knowledge, David is also the only attorney in existence who is a graduate of The Trial Lawyer’s College and also a graduate of the National Family Law Trial Institute.

In 2019, David returned to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas to obtain a decree in accounting. Once completed, David will obtain his Masters of Law in Taxation and add tax law to his practice.

David has been the recipient of more than twenty awards in the legal field. While David humbly accepted these awards, David focuses on the present by studying constantly to become a better attorney for his clients.

As an attorney, David embodies dedication, both to his clients and to the practice of law. He is committed to providing excellent legal representation and guidance to his clients as they navigate the complex legal system. Let his knowledge and experience work for you, contact his office today.


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