Shea Arender – Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra

As a writer at MYVEGAS Magazine, the most wonderful thing to work on is an issue which recognizes the excellence of a wide variety of people from a wide variety of industries. This is perhaps no more evident than in our recognition of Shea Arender, CEO and owner of the Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra and Orchestra Health Solutions.

Originally from Louisiana, Shea got his big break in New York City when he was originally an actor/singer in “The Wonderful Wizard of Song” the Harold Arlen – (composer of the Wizard of Oz) Broadway musical. He later became the producer and took the show around the globe on a music theatre tour. Shea returned to Las Vegas to become part of our booming entertainment scene. Shea is a Tony Award nominated Associate Producer, along with Jerry Rosenberg & associates for the production of, “A Night with Janis Joplin”, another Broadway musical. Given his depth of experience in the vocals, production and arrangement of music, he is uniquely qualified to take the traditional sound of a symphony and turn it on its ear (pun intended).

In the Spring of 2019, the LVSO recorded “The King Symphonic” at The Hideout Studios here in Las Vegas. “The King Symphonic” is a stroke of genius and a symphony celebration of the music of Elvis Presley and not an impersonation. Shea & the LVSO conductor, Steve Rawlins, has arranged classic songs from the Elvis Presley songbook and has found a way to reintroduce those old favorites to us in a whole new way. Shea will be singing lead vocals on this project and I am personally excited by the notion of this, as the music of Elvis has a very special place in the heart and history of Las Vegas.

In addition to being an entertainer and producer, Shea is also a successful entrepreneur. He is a shareholder in several businesses, one of those being a popular local furniture store, known for its celebrity clientele, featuring cool modern furniture with hip new Hollywood themes called “A New Concept Furniture”. The business of Shea’s that is currently making global headlines is Orchestra Health Solutions (OHS) as they are conducting the future of health and wellness. Aside from being a healthcare conglomerate that assists medical executives and physicians, under the conducting of Shea Arender, OHS has partnered with Gabriel Durand of Gabriel Paris LLC, presenting the famous “Neck Sofa: the Ultimate Support Pillow”. This is a physician recommended device that helps anyone suffering from muscle pain, stiffness, fatigue and tension. The product makes its presentation debut in London, United Kingdom this fall, along with the symphony orchestra!

His talent and influence don’t end with the Symphony & entrepreneurship, Shea also has a talent for giving back. For example, he was given the International Peace Award from the United Nations for his charity work in Asia. The award given to him by Spmuda International & Global UN Ambassadors for stopping violence against children. He also gave to cancer charities, invested in healthcare, spent time at the Philippine School for the Deaf and gave to support children’s’ education programs while on an international tour. We spoke at length about his influences growing up and how much he was impacted by witnessing the charitable work of the musicians he admired as a child.

It is clear the moment you sit down to speak with Shea that he is passionate about not only his work, but about how his efforts impact the community and the world. His nature is both lighthearted and hardworking, a combination which serves him well in all his creative and philanthropic endeavors. For these reasons, and so many others, it is our privilege to introduce our readers to Shea Arender, CEO and Owner of The Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra, and one of our Top Men of Success.

Las Vegas Symphony Orchestra

2700 S Las Vegas Blvd #3906

Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 941-0988

A New Concept Furniture

4245 S Grand Canyon Dr #123

Las Vegas, NV 89147

(702) 570-2240

Orchestra Health Solutions


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