BirthdayPak of Las Vegas

About the Program:

BirthdayPak of Las Vegas sends emails to not only remind community members to use their gift cards, but keeps your business in front of them all year long!

The excitement begins with the arrival of her greeting card-esque BirthdayPak of Las Vegas featuring high-quality personalized gift cards from just a few choice businesses.

Through a simple online activation process, she becomes part of the BirthdayPak of Las Vegas community allowing her to connect with your business online.

Program Highlights Inlcude:

  • Maximum of 8 businesses per BirthdayPak, your message will not get lost.

  • New, exclusive group of affluent women each month who live close by.

  • BirthdayPak of Las Vegas delivers year-round from the mailbox to the inbox.

  • BirthdayPak of Las Vegas delivers VIP customers who will treat themselves at your establishment.

  • Marketing that works, offering immediate, measurable, and ongoing results. 

About the Owner:

Dawn Zepeda

Dawn Zepeda
Owner/President of BirthdayPak of Las Vegas

Long story short…I’m a numbers girl with goals and ambition! My background in corporate finance and accounting inspired me to make my dream of becoming an entrepreneur come true. Now, as the owner of BirthdayPak of Las Vegas I’m challenging myself in the marketing field, but this time instead of the day to day in corporate America, I get to go out and create relationships with my partners working towards the same goal.  I’m driven not only by my own success, but more by my partners successes!! I’m sincerely enjoying this chapter of my life.  Thank You BirthdayPak!


Phone: (925) 200-8654