Magdalena Groover – P.I. and Engaged Community Leader

Magdalena Groover has an affinity for watching TV crime shows such as Crime Scene Investigation, Forensic Files, A Crime to Remember, Disappeared, and Cold Case Files.  That is not surprising as Magdalena has a fascinating profession.  She is a Private Investigator (P.I.)Ms. Groover loves her work because her clients and cases are unique and exciting, although, in some situations they can be downright dangerous.     


For the past 16 years, P.I. Groover has acquired a repertoire of skill sets at a national and international level serving clients from all over the globe.  As a Mexican immigrant Magdalena understands the dire predicament individuals find in seeking the American DreamGroover is fluent in Spanish and understands the immigration system.   Las Vegas Immigration Lawyer Hardeep “Dee” Sull works with Magdalena on behalf of clients unable to afford counsel.  “Magdalena Groover is an exceptional member of the business community.  She has been a champion for my underprivileged clients and for the Rule of Law without any monetary gratification”, states Attorney Sull.  


Ms. Groover’s clients are diverse with a mixture of individuals, families, attorneys, businesses and corporations.  An extensive collection of experiences gained over the years allows Magdalena to produce exceptionally detailed reports that are ‘JUSTICE’ ready.  CEO Stephen Rybar of Reliance Security offered this insight,I have worked with Magdalena for a number of years utilizing her skills of in depth research and well thought out-analysis to provide the best information for my client’s needs.  Magdalena’s accuracy and attention to detail in an investigation is surpassed only by her work ethic and ability to provide timely responses.”  For a P.I. like Ms. Groover, these are some of the best attributes one can have and certainly those that provide a level of comfort for clients that entrust her with the highest of sensitivity for their personal and professional matters.  


The majority of P.I. Groover’s cases are complex demanding her absolute attention.  In her off hours, Magdalena also volunteers with the homeless population Ms. Groover works with individuals who require guidance in terms of education and workforce development.  What I do for them, for example, is when someone does not even know their own name, has no identification, birth date or Birth Certificate, I go through their life history to gain information to help them track their identities and reengage into the community”, comments Groover.  As Magdalena further points out, “I am an immigrant and have a responsibility to give back. In some instances, Groover helps people navigate the judicial system and other avenues of the legal system.  For individuals that have been scammed, she helps direct them to the correct jurisdictions so as to not suffer further abuse.     


Tiger Todd of Hero School has long been a supporter of the homeless population in Las Vegas.  Tiger spoke about Magdalena’s abilities, “Plenty of people overpromise and under deliver. Magdalena Groover overpromises and over delivers, unleashing her unstoppable energy, know-how and deep professional network onto every challenging mission until it’s accomplished.” 


Magdalena is a P.I. and besides being completely committed to assisting her clients she has another purpose in life to help others.  She makes a difference in our community. When asked what she does during times of not working or volunteering Ms. Groover points out, “I love to play the harmonica, travel and do yoga. It helps the body, mind, and soul.