This November Vote YES on Question 1 Marsy’s Law for the Victim’s of Crime

This November Vote YES on Question 1 Marsy’s Law for the Victim’s of Crime  

National Crime Victims’ Week is coming up soon the week of April 8th through the 14th.  Victims of crime have little or no rights.  Nevada has the opportunity to change that wrong to a right this year.  Nevada voters will head to the polls this fall to vote for their choice of candidates in this election cycle.  In addition to candidates, voters will also have the power to vote for THEMSELVES. The Nevada Secretary of State’s office has assigned Question 1 to Marsy’s Law for Nevada on the November ballot.  This proposed constitutional amendment would guarantee enforceable rights for victims of crime. 

Working to spread the word about this impactful measure is Lynda Tache.  Lynda is the Political Director for the Marsy’s Law for Nevada campaign and spends her time reaching out to lawmakers, advocacy groups, victims and citizens to answer questions about the measure and secure their support.  

Ms. Tache has dedicated her life to serving the people of Nevada in many different ways.  In 2007, Tache worked with the legislature, community leaders and parents to create the first autism legislation in Nevada.  In 2009, Lynda started the Grant a Gift Autism Foundation in honor of her son, Grant Tache.  Today, Grant A Gift for Autism is partnered with the UNLV School of Medicine serving thousands of individuals and family members who are living with autism. 

Lynda knew there was more to be done in NevadaNow, Tache is focused on serving victims of crime by advocating for Question 1Marsy’s Law for Nevada. Certain rights protected under Question 1 would ensure victims or surviving relatives to have a guaranteed voice, consideration, and information that every victim deserves to have when undergoing the judicial process and having to face their perpetrator. The accused should have important, protected rights. Marsy’s Law which is Question 1 on this November’s ballot levels the playing field by providing specific guarantees to the victims, enforceable by law, including certain rights such as the following specific rights  

*The right to receive information about the services available to crime  


* Right to be treated with fairness and respect throughout the criminal justice process  

* Right to be protected from the defendant 

* Right to notice of all public proceedings in the case 

* Right to be reasonably heard, upon request, at all the public  

proceedings in regard to the case 

This national effort is named after Marsalee “Marsy” Nicholas who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in California in 1983. A week later he was released pending his court proceedings and confronted the victim’s family, who had no idea he was out of jail. Today her brother, Dr. Henry T. Nicholas, is working to secure a voice of protection for victims and their families, in every state. Marsy’s Law has already passed in California, Illinois, North Dakota, South Dakota and Ohio. This year, we are hopeful Nevadans will pass this initiative with their support and their vote.  

Lynda Tache and a growing list of victims, advocacy groups, legal experts, law enforcement, as well as politicians, and city, county and state leaders are uniting on behalf of victims of crime.  Lynda’s passion for doing what is right for the good of others shines through again – especially for those victims that have suffered further abuse by the criminals that victimized them. 

For more information visit NV.MarsysLaw.US