Successful Sisters

Determination and Drive  

Those two words have always stuck with me throughout my entire life. Sure to most people determination means setting a purpose and drive means to move something by force, but to myself and my sister it means much more than that. See to truly understand what motivates us you have to understand where we came from. We were raised by a single mother who on average made $10 an hour. We never had any child support, we never had health insurance and to shop at a secondhand store was our norm. By no means were we poor, we always had food on the table and she always got up and went to work everyday.  She was teaching us. Our mother taught us how to work hard for what we wanted, to never rely on anyone else and I always go after what we wanted. And never accept failure as an option. But most importantly she taught us Independence. Independence to choose the life we wanted, the independence for what financial freedom would provide us and the to be self-reliant. See she told us NEVER to accept a hand out and to give always and be gracious with our giving, even when we had very little of our own. There were many times I remember as a child, after all of the bills were paid my mom had $50 to live on to support three people for two weeks. $25 a week , and this wasn’t in the 1950s this was in the late 1990s. But even in those days we would donate, donate to women shelters, donate to animal charities, and donate to homeless people. Because we were always grateful for what we had. 

Fast forward to today, I look at my sister and she is a perfect shining example of what a strong woman can be. She started as a part-time teller at a bank at 17 years old, she has worked for this bank for 20 years and in 20 years she’s received many promotions but most recently she’s been promoted to the Senior Vice President – Regional Executive for Nevada, managing hundreds upon hundreds of employees and 71 branches. She’s also been awarded many of times for her philanthropic efforts As she currently sits on two non-profit boards,  as well as her banks charitable contribution sector where she has been instrumental in delivering checks of over $200,000 to amazing charities throughout the valley. And She has 4 small children, all which she gave birth too while working and climbing the corporate ladder. To say that I’m proud of my sister for leading a strong example of a strong woman, wife and mother would be an understatement.  

I learned from watching my sister and from the lessons that my mother was instilling in us. I purchased my first home at 18 years old and went onto own over 15 different homes and rental properties by the time I was 30. See I became a Realtor, I wanted to be in control of my own life and my own income. I always was an entrepreneur at heart. I wanted to Live a life by design, a life where my income will have no ceiling.  I entered the real estate business at the very young age of 18 years old and rose to the top of my field by the time I was 21. At age 25 I was I was being interviewed by magazines and news outlets to go over my “secrets of the business”. Funny thing is, there was no secret. The only secret was a strong work ethic and the determination to be the very best. To date I’ve of been asked to speak in front of crowds of hundreds upon hundreds of people, I’ve sat on panels across the nation, I’ve mentored and trained hundreds of Realtors and helped structure entrepreneurs to become true business owners. I have been regarded as one of the top 25 women in real estate for the past decade and I’ve sat on over 20 board of director positions for various organizations and nonprofits. Currently Im so blessed to lead a young women’s youth group. Today i run and operate a team of nine real estate professionals all while having my three beautiful children and raising them in the industry. I’m blessed beyond measure.  

Determination and Drive will forever be words that i will live by.  

See I believe you CAN have it all, you CAN be an executive, you CAN be an amazing wife, you CAN be an amazing mother and give back to your community all at once.  

By Jillian Batchelor