Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center

Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center

In 2012 the first Jumper’s Jungle Family Fun Center opened up in Las Vegas, Nevada. From that time on, hundreds of thousands of children and their parents have had their birthday parties and other special events at Jumper’s Jungles facilities. By the year 2015, they were beginning to open up multiple locations for the renowned Jumper’s Jungle and expanding the company via licensing to allow for others to own their own little piece of the action.

Thanks to the licensing many families across the United States can now enjoy their own business in a fun industry that allows children of all ages to enjoy jumping. Following the standards set forth by the original Jumper’s Jungle, all of the facilities boast excellent customer service staff and a safe and fun environment for children to enjoy jumping. Families take great pride in owning their own business and it has a strong community backing wherever the facilities are located.

Jumper’s Jungle takes having fun seriously and their goal is to ensure that children enjoy a low-cost and safe time where they are having plenty of play time. Of course, children don’t know that they’re doing their exercises when they’re jumping around, and no one needs to let them know. It’s enough that they understand that they are there to have fun.

As a parent, you’re just happy to have them away from the computer and video games that they are whiling away their time on. In just 15 minutes, children who are climbing, jumping, running and sliding can burn up 100 or more calories depending on how much energy they are putting forth into their activities.

You’ll love the options that you have when you book your next birthday party or special event at your local Jumper’s Jungle.

2050 S Rainbow Blvd,
Las Vegas, NV 89146


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