Hambrick & Associates Legal Nurse Consulting

Hambrick & Associates Legal Nurse Consulting

“Let My Nursing Expertise Save you Time and Money”

 Welcome to Hambrick & Associates Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC. I’m Jamescia Hambrick , founder and owner of  Hambrick & Associates Legal Nurse Consultants, LLC. Our work is streamlined to meet your needs  nationwide. As a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant,  I have the expert knowledge to uncover crucial facts that will win your case. I can do it for you faster, more cost-effectively-and you can settle for much more. With my 23 years experience in the medical field, Hambrick & Associates offers our attorney clients knowledge, experience, resources, and proven credentials to increase efficiency and improve case outcomes.

8808 Echo Grande Drive

 Las Vegas, NV 89131

Phone: (602) 697-3567

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