That’s What She Said: MB Steak Restaurant Review

That’s What She Said: MB STeak Restaurant Review

There has been chatter about this hot new spot and one of us did a little research prior to dinner so we could not wait for our weeknight adventure into MB steak.  We were delighted to find out that MB Steak offered a “secret valet”, perfect for locals and easy access directly into the restaurant.   

The hostess escorted us to our table and the first thing that stood out in this remarkable two-story restaurant was the main dining room. Imagine entering a room that feels like a spectacular mash up of an elegant supper club, the interior of a whiskey barrel, and Game of Thrones.  The ambient lighting and comfortable atmosphere both lent to the perfect setting for dinner. Hidden behind the main bar is a private dining room with slats that can stay closed for privacy but can open, if the inhabitants of the evening would like the energy from the casino floor to filter through. 

Once we sat, Chef Billy greeted us warmly and as we whet our appetite on the amazing herb and cheddar bread, presented with butter kissed with olive oil and black lava salt.  He took us through the story of the newest restaurant at the legendary Hard Rock Hotel.  It is apropos that the restaurant, founded by brothers Michael and David Morton (hence, the monikerMB Steak) chose to build the restaurant from the ground up at the hotel their older brother, Peter, originally opened over twenty-two years ago.  While Peter has left the building, MB Steak is definitely a spot worth checking out.   

As we chatted with Chef Billy, we ordered cocktails.  The Beet Writer was the choice for one of us, the more adventurous of the two.  Ketel One Citroen Vodka, Strawberry infused bitters, homemade grenadine, fresh lemon, and sage are shaken together to create a brilliant cocktail with and earthy touch and the gorgeous hue of, well, beets.  

One of us would have been content making a meal out of the aforementioned herb and cheddar bread and had to stop herself.  We moved onto the Charred Spanish Octopus with broccolini, stewed tomatoes, and port wine.  The heavy char on the octopus was nicely balanced with the crunch of the broccolini and the sweetness of the port wine.  

Next up, was Tuna Poke served with wasabi soy, pickled cucumber, and avocado puree.  This truly unique dish had a zing from the pickled cucumber, complemented by the avocado puree and lotus chips that added a bright crunch. 

We got our greens in with a steakhouse staple, the Chopped Salad, which was as colorful as it was tasty. This salad incorporated a quite a few things that one of us absolutely loves; grilled tiger shrimp, artichokes, hearts of palms, white beans, pepperoncini, and green beans.  The other has not met an olive she did not like and the Castelvetrano olives did not disappoint.  We were both delighted to find sweety drop peppers, adorable miniature red peppers that hit the palette with just the right amount of heat.  One of decided that this was her new favorite salad ingredient.   

The 14 oz. Strauss veal chop served with the bone in is topped with a crust composed of ingredients both of us love, garlic and parmesan. It was out of this world.  

It is unusual but one of us judges a good steakhouse not only by how well they cook steak, but also by how well it cooks salmon.  Fennel crusted salmon with marble potatoes and lobster butter was pleasantly cooked to perfection.  The fennel provided a nice balance to the rich lobster butter.  

Another steakhouse classic, creamed spinach, reached a new level thanks to the Morton Brothers.  Topped with a poached egg and truffled Gouda, one of us thinks she had a life altering experience.  As if the creamed spinach wasn’t enough, her next bite was the Maitake mushrooms, topped with aged goat cheese.  The edges of the mushrooms were perfectly crisp and unlike fresh goat cheese, its aged counterpart has sweet and nutty flavor notes. 

For the other, one of us discovered one of our top bites of 2017 in the cream corn with king crab and roasted poblanosThe texture was amazing with corn was that was smooth and crunchy at the same time, the crab was sweet and there was just enough heat from the poblano pepper 

We couldn’t believe we even considered dessert at this point but we are so glad we went all in.  We opted for the 8-layer carrot cake, perfect for sharing.  Alternating between thin layers of candied pineapple, ginger, candied walnut, and nice big pieces of carrot, this was simple and traditional but still all Hard Rock in its sexy presentation.   

After dinner, we were treated to a peek of the second level.  The first thing one of us noticed wasn’t the beautiful island bar in the center room or the windows that framed the entire room, rather a skylight with moss and a stunning mix of succulents cascading in from about 30 feet above.   

The other noted that the windows open so she foresees beautiful spring evenings being spent coming back to this spot.   

The evening was pure perfection and that’s was she said.