Tasting Adventure with Lip Smacking Foodie Tours

Las Vegas welcomes over 40 million visitors each year who come to test their fate with lady luck and to dive into the luxury and glamour our city entices the world to experience. Our famous 4 miles of glitter and lights hosts homes to top headlining performers and world renowned chefs from around the globe. A weekend visit is hardly enough time to experience a small fraction of our city’s magic.

Donald Contursi, founder of Lip Smacking Foodie Tours, has created a way for us all to take in 5 restaurants in one fun packed outing. Voted Best Fine Dining by Las Vegas Review Journal in 2016 and 2017, Lip Smacking Foodie Tours offers tourists and locals the ultimate VIP dining experience with some of the most talked about dishes the strip is known for.

The concept behind Lip Smacking Tours came while on a trip to Chicago. Chicago deep dish pizza is a foodie favorite all over the world. But, to taste all the different styles of pizza within the city would be costly as you had to order the whole pie. Donald stumbled across a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza tour that made it all accessible and perfect. Having worked in fine dining establishments in Las Vegas for the last 15 years, he knew this would be a great way to make famous dishes from the strip accessible to everyone.

There are 8 tours to choose from with groups as small as 2 and sometimes as large as 150. Each tour is assigned a meeting point at which you meet your tour guide who leads you into the restaurants where you’re immediately greeted and seated by the host or hostess who give you the VIP welcome. The guides add the entertainment factor and educate everyone of the different sites you pass as you walk to each restaurant. There are tours that take you through the heart of downtown and the Vegas strip. You can even finish off a tour with a special option to take a helicopter ride over the city.

Shortly after you’re seated there’s no time wasted as you are immediately presented with appetizers and beverages. Followed by the restaurants specialty dishes. There’s so much variety that if one dish doesn’t peak your interest, there’s sure to be one that does soon after brought out by the chef. The excitement of what’s to come continues for up to 3 hours. In that time you’re bound to make friends with some like-minded people that you have now come to break bread with and share in a one of a kind experience.

“Venturing into restaurants can be intimidating. When you’re on a tour it transports everyone to a different place and makes locals feel like their tourists” explains Donald. These tours set the tone for a fun night exploring new places whether you’re a tourist or not. The tours are perfect escapes and serve wonderfully for company networking events. You not only come to dine on these tours but you come to connect, make new friends and learn about cuisine and culture people travel from all around the globe to see.

To book your tour visit www.VegasFoodieTour.com. Send Donald a message about any questions you might have. He’ll be excited to share the experience with you.