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Hashtag Legal

Running a business in today’s climate is different than it was just 15 years ago. Now, due to the wonders of technology, you can be the CEO of a successful company, working virtually from anywhere in the world. It’s rare to find a successful business that runs completely offline. Savvy business owners know the importance of a responsive website and they stay in tune with social media, online reviews, and what influencers are saying about their products and services.

Unfortunately, the legal market has been slow to break its old habits. Crippling hourly rates and a failure to stay on top of what is driving today’s business owners have made it nearly impossible for many firms to successfully serve this shifting mindset. Countless clients have complained to us about calling an attorney with an FTC question or a question about site terms and having to spend hours educating the attorney about the issue. Then, the attorney has to do more research before giving you an opinion. All on your dime. Analog lawyers in a digital world.

You need lawyers who know your business. Lawyers who understand the power of social media and the technology that powers you. You need lawyers with experience handling the type of issues that you encounter daily with your business. You should feel confident that your lawyers understand your business and you aren’t responsible for educating them on industry practices.

Hashtag Legal is a law firm dedicated to helping you run your business in a digital world. Whether you are an influencer network, CEO of a digital empire, an online entrepreneur, creative, or small business owner, we understand the needs of your business and we can help.

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