Amercanex is the first of its kind. ACExchange, our electronic trading platform, was launched in response to the need of a fair and open marketplace in the cannabis industry, allowing industry participants to buy and sell product at true market pricing.

Today’s software systems do not effectively meet the growing needs, nor will they be able to sustain, the influx of participants and product and transaction volume in the near future. Currently, there are over 29 states that recognize marijuana transactions as medically or recreationally legal. The list is growing weekly, with recent legalization votes passed in California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada.

That’s where we come in. Using the Dodd-Frank Act as a guide, Amercanex offers our customers a secure marketplace built on cutting-edge technology and real world trading experience. Our technology platforms monitor all transactions for tax and compliance purposes, helping bridge the gap between cannabis participants and government regulators.

ACExchange benefits include transparent pricing, reporting, RFID plant tracking and traditional “back office” functionalities created to satisfy the compliance rules and regulations currently enforced by the Securities Exchange Commission and Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

It’s the answer the cannabis community was looking for.

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