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Black & Lobello

Black & LoBello is an AV-Rated full-service law firm. We believe that providing legal services to our clients should strike a balance between the client’s objectives, the ability to prevail and the associated costs. We take great pride in our ability to succeed for our clients without implementing an oppressive or unrealistic fee structure.

At Black & LoBello, we believe our clients have a critical need to understand their legal rights and defenses whether it be in relation their personal, family or business situation. A good legal strategy provides peace of mind, conserves resources, provides stability and ultimately, results in recovery.

Black & LoBello’s attorneys practice areas cover a wide range of personal, business and corporate legal services such as employment law, estate planning, banking and regulation, probate litigation, bankruptcy, real estate, corporations, family law, landlord tenant matters, resident agent services, business planning and practice, civil litigation, mediation, health law, payment/escrow services, and transactional law. We provide services for business patrons which encompass entity formation, acquisition, mergers, finance and, in today’s extreme economy; we provide services to restructure debt through personal and corporate bankruptcy.

Black & LoBello offers its wide range of legal services to local, regional and national clientele. Our attorneys have worked with legislators and various government agencies for the creation, promotion and application of new laws relating to residential and corporate foreclosure and landlord tenant matters. We have attorneys appointed to serve on boards of government programs and the bench. Most importantly, our attorneys work with each other to ensure that each client receives the benefit of our combined knowledge, if necessary. We find that this approach results in time and cost efficiencies and provides our clients with a comprehensive solution.

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