New Image Advanced Laser Skin Care

New mage advanced Laser Skin Care

We believe that a natural part of living a healthy, vibrant life is looking as good as you feel. At New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center, we provide top of the line skin care, from non-surgical cosmetic laser treatments to a scientifically backed skin care line and dermal fillers that correct the signs of aging. We believe that you are meant to feel your best inside and out so we make sure to offer the most effective, advanced treatments that help you achieve the radiant look you love.

New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center is a full-service laser skin care center with Licensed Medical Aestheticians lead by Michael S. Mall, MD. We provide Botox™, dermal fillers, photo-facials, micro peels, resurfacing, skin tightening, fat reduction, body contouring treatments, and laser hair removal. Our non-invasive laser treatments will help the reformulation of collagen that we lose during the aging process. We will customize a treatment plan that provides a natural, more youthful and vibrant looking skin for your specific skin-type.

For over 25 years, Dr. Mall has been practicing the art of medicine, built numerous practices and received community recognition for best practices and high standards of medical care. After 17 years of a practicing with an abundant patient list, Dr. Mall made a heart-centered decision to shift to a Medical Concierge membership-only model so that he could deliver the highest level of individualized patient care. As Co-Founder and Medical Director of New Image Advanced Laser Skin Center, he sets the industry standard for providing focused, results oriented and desired outcome for patients with his team of Licensed Medical Aestheticians.

Dr. Mall feels very fortunate to be able to provide laser/aesthetic services, as well as, optimal healthcare. At New Image, we believe that a natural part of living a healthy, full life is looking as good as you feel. By offering education, personalized care, quality skin care products and the latest treatments we want to be part of your journey in looking and feeling your best at any age.

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Las Vegas, Nevada 89128

Phone: 702-697-7991

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