Milne Medical Center

milne medical center

The Milne Medical Center was established in 1989 to provide integrative medical care combining traditional Western medicine integrated with Complementary medical methods. It is our goal to offer the best of health care methods for optimal preventive medicine and therapeutic intervention. We are committed to diagnose, treat, and help our patients return to a healthy, productive life.

At Milne Medical Center, we invite you to actively participate with your physician in establishing and maintaining optimum wellness. With this partnership you will gain some new insights, and experience exciting health changes. Through a collaborative approach to healing, we desire to teach you how to become more involved and responsible for maintaining personal health.

As physicians we realize that the body has an impressive capacity to heal itself. However, when a patient’s body is not strong enough to complete the healing process on its own, we are often able to stimulate the body’s innate healing power through careful, individualized treatment. We want to prevent illness by diagnosing individual underlying weaknesses and seek to strengthen the immune system to restore your body’s internal energy. At the Milne Medical Center we have observed the beneficial effects of the various diagnostic and treatment methods that we incorporate firsthand – on ourselves, our families, and thousands of our patients world-wide.

The Milne Medical Center is dedicated to providing complementary alternatives to patients for which surgical and drug therapy have fallen short of success.  At the Milne Medical Center, we provide:

  • A collaborative approach to patient health care, enabling patients to attain optimal health
  • A collective care plan that encourages and empowers patients in matters regarding their own health
  • Individualized treatment to ensure patient health needs are addressed
  • A professional standard of practice, incorporating a variety of treatment modalities
  • Licensed, certified and credentialed practitioners to assure quality medical care

2110 Pinto Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89106

Mobile: 702-385-1393
Fax: 702-385-4170

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