Rejuvene Med Spa

Rejuvene Med Spa

Welcome to Rejuvene Medical Spa, where your health, beauty, and wellness is our number one priority.  Our spa offers high quality non-invasive aesthetic procedures, Wrinkle Reduction, Cellulite Reduction, Loose Skin, Microdermabrasion, and many other skin care treatment services at affordable prices.

Las Vegas locals are known for fitness, beauty, and lifestyle, our goal is to help maintain that unique quality and offer advanced Anti-Aging procedures and skin care treatments to you.  Healthy dieting and good workout habits are very important steps to internal health and beauty; we believe the same attention should be addressed with external skin beauty that can only be manipulated by Mother Nature.  Our Medical Spa is finding ways to help control or slow the aging process and fulfill the skin care needs. Wrinkles, texture, pigmentation or acne can all be a result of many locally known catalysts such as sun exposure, smoke environments, and bad sleeping habits.  Our staff is ready to consult your areas of concern and provide a personalized treatment regimen to keep you feeling young longer!

Dr. Maria Regalado has been a licensed MD in Las Vegas, NV for the past 15 years and her passion for Aesthetic Medicine has moved her to find the best anti-aging solutions for her patients, either through modern equipment or medicated facial products. Call to us to book a free consultation and share your needs with Dr. R. 

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