Sleep Your Way To the Top

Sleep Your Way To the Top

By Marie Mortera

KSNV Anchor

The “sleep your way to the top” advice comes from media icon Arianna Huffington, who believes sleep is pivotal to success. I agree. I usually get 7.5 hours of sleep every night, PLUS I carve out time for a long siesta on Saturday and Sunday. If I don’t, I will undoubtedly feel lethargic, unfocused and unhappy. Bottom line: I need my restoration!

In April, UNLV students experienced the power of the nap as part of a traveling special experience called The Sleep Revolution College Tour. On social media there is a #sleeprevolution hashtag. MetroNaps, a company that makes nap pods, brought naptime to the students with the belief that taking a mind and body pause will pay off in class with increased alertness.

That performance upgrade can be seen when we get physical too. MetroNap’s CEO Christopher Lindholst tells me napping has been shown to prevent injuries in athletes. Getting less than a 30-minute snooze can aid “memory consolidation,” which he says helps you remember a new muscle movement, like a golf swing.

As for when you should take that brief nap, it comes down to when you exercise: a morning routine should be followed by an afternoon snooze, an afternoon workout should be led by a pre-workout nap. As for how you get started, Lindholst says “Eliminate distractions, put your feet up to relax your cardiac system and aid circulation and use a napping cue like listening to the same music every time. This will help you relax faster.”

With that, I wish you sweet dreams, a sweet workout and success!