Local Spotlight: Meet Carissa Rainwater


By: Jennifer Miller-Gonzales

Carissa Rainwater started dancing at the Summerlin Dance Academy 2002 when it had just opened their doors.  And like the Dance Academy, Carissa has blossomed successfully and with the community.  Her passion grew from her young age and now dancing is not just something she does it’s her life.   

In 2010, she entered the world of competitive dancing.  A master at all types of dance including modern dance and ballet, her favorite is contemporary dance.  With long hours dedicated to perfecting her craft she has built a family with teachers and choreographers.

Notable teachers in the dance industry like, Kylie Bronk with the Innovation Dance Company.  Bronk was on the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance?”

This is not Carissa’s only philanthropic endeavor.  She is actively involved in the community through other organizations like Opportunity Village.  There she teaches youth dance.  And attends the breast cancer awareness walk every year.

It’s a gift that she accomplishes this when Carissa typical dance week is working six days, nine hours a day committed to her passion.  All this while being a student.  She says have a great support from family is a huge catalyst to her success and motivation. Both her mother Lisa and 9-year-old brother encourage Carissa every day to do her best. 

She attends Spring Valley High School and is the co-facilitator for her school company.  Carissa has been with Innovation Dance since 2008 competing as an elite dancer and has won a National Title at the Start Power Competition 2015.  Other accolades include an award from Julliard for the best technique in footwork and the best feet in the world.  That award earned her a scholarship for the summer at the esteemed school.  Recently, Carissa was award by UNLV as a prestigious dancer in Nevada.

Carissa’s aspires to be a dance teacher one day and bring all the positivity to children that dance has infused into her life. 

At such a young age, she is mature beyond her years.  One of the adages she lives by is a reflection of how developed her mindset is.  “As a dancer instead of worrying about everything else, just focus on yourself because if you don’t than you can’t grow.”  She wants to make sure she teaches this to others.