Keeping Our Children Safe: Bishop Gorman High School Implements Cutting-Edge Visitor Management Technology By Candice Shaffer

Keeping Our Children Safe: Bishop Gorman High School Implements Cutting-Edge Visitor Management Technology

By Candice Shaffer

Having a teenage daughter that attends Bishop Gorman High School, periodically I receive email alerts from the Assistant Principal. Juggling a busy career, I always do my best to stay on top of these email notifications by skimming through the information sent.  A few months ago I received one email alert in particular that I read and re-read to ensure I understood thoroughly just what the email was stating. To my pleasant surprise, this was one of the best email notifications I have received this year.  It was something that is of the utmost importance and tugged on my personal heartstrings.  Living in this uncertain day and age that we do, it’s imperative as parents that we do our best to protect our children from the craziness of lurking predators both registered, and non-registered, that reside alongside us in the community in which we love. 

Bishop Gorman High School has implemented one of the most cutting-edge visitor management technologies on the market, the Raptor System.  This new technology is dedicated to school safety and protecting our children.  The Raptor System is responsible for identifying more than 15,000 registered sex offenders attempting to enter their clients’ campuses within the past decade.  Credited with the arrests of many wanted offenders attempting to cross state lines, it plays a vital role in depicting sex offenders who have failed to register as offenders when they relocate to another state.  The program performs an instant sex offender background check against the national registered sex offender database for every single visitor upon each visit to their clients’ respective campuses.

I found it seemingly difficult to believe that this program was founded in 2003, as until it was brought to my attention that it was being implemented at Bishop Gorman, I had no idea this type of technology even existed on the market.  The Raptor System leads the nation with more than 15,000 community facilities and schools (K-12) currently using the system, including the YMCA.  This is most definitely a key component and Bishop Gorman has once again set the bar when it comes to keeping safety of our children on the forefront of important matters.

Raptor products include:

  • Raptor System – Raptor’s signature software for K-12 schools and facilities with children
  • RaptorTrace – Online, real-time criminal background screening service
  • Virtual Volunteer – School volunteer management tool
  • Batch Screening – Sex offender screening tool for membership lists

Interesting Facts:

  • Part of what makes Raptor different, is it has a broad range of feature functionality that addresses the full list of needs for visitor, student tardy, and volunteer management. Raptor has the most comprehensive database of registered sex offenders of any provider because Raptor has been accumulating data on offenders for over a decade and updates its database every week.
  • Raptor assists front desk personnel by monitoring every potential offender match for visitors and volunteers, ensuring that our clients properly differentiate between false positives and actual offenders.
  • Raptor’s customer service is second to none. Raptor provides phone and email technical support from 7 am to 5 pm CT to ensure that customer issues or requests are taken care of in a timely manner.
  • Raptor continues to develop new cutting edge products from fully customizable student tardy workflow to visitor management for use on mobile devices.

Raptor Trace offers an affordable way to instantly pre-screen individuals such as applicants, volunteers, faculty, and members, against more than an astounding 313 million national records, including: Arrest Records (ARST), Administrative Office of the Courts, Department of Corrections, County Court, District Court, Superior Court, Municipal Court, District Clerk, Common Pleas, and Clerk of Court.

Only the Raptor System includes Virtual Volunteer, a powerful and fully integrated volunteer tool. Virtual Volunteer is a web-site designed to provide volunteers the ability to log off-site hours, sign up for events, track expenses for tax purposes, and communicate with other volunteers.

Voted one of the top 100 products of 2014 by District Administration Magazine, we are proud to welcome Raptor to Las Vegas schools and looking forward to more facilities implementing this incredible technology.  We applaud Bishop Gorman for their diligence in always staying on top of important matters in our community!