Red Rock Fertility Center

We are a modern, boutique-style center

Red Rock Fertility Center strives to provide a different service than what has existed for patients previously in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. The process of reproduction is meant to be a private, intimate experience and the goal of this center is to retain that environment. We are a modern, boutique-style center. This means that you will be a patient, not a number. You will see our NP Shannon McGrath or Dr. Littman for all of your appointments, and they are readily accessible to guide you through the process of expanding your family.

Our staff is friendly and caring, and will greet you by name. We are here to answer your questions, respect your feelings, and keep you informed of all your options at every stage. Fertility treatment may easily become overwhelming and very stressful.  It is very difficult for reproduction to take place under stressful conditions. Fertility therapy and outcomes are not something you can control and this may leave you feeling frustrated, angry, and depressed. Being relaxed, comfortable and at ease helps to improve the outcome of your treatment plan. That’s why it is very important to be able to develop a strong relationship with your fertility physician.

Las Vegas Office
9120 West Russell Road
Suite 200
Las Vegas, NV 89148

Phone: (702) 712-4249
Fax: (702) 685-5910