Crovetti Orthopaedics

Crovetti Orthopaedics: 1,000 Patients and Still Going Strong

By Brooke Dillman

When patients claim they heal quickly at Crovetti Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, they don’t just talk the talk; they walk the walk— literally. At this one-of-a-kind surgery center, patients are astonishingly up and walking within the same day as their medical procedures. Dr. Crovetti was recognized over a year ago for having reached his 500th patient. A mere eighteen months later, this number has doubled and the team at Dr. Crovetti’s center rejoices in a great milestone: their 1,000th patient. To Dr. Crovetti and his staff, there is something noticeably powerful about this number. This unbelievable but true success is all thanks to Dr. Crovetti’s hands-on approach and innovative surgical techniques. What might sound controversial or too risky for some doctors is exactly what makes Dr. Crovetti’s practice worth noting.

Dr. Crovetti’s less invasive surgeries and unprecedented recovery process are all made possible in his state-of-the-art orthopedic surgery center. Dr. Crovetti began his practice 16 years ago, and since then, he has completely transformed what it means to be an orthopedic surgeon. Unlike the usual protocol for knee and hip replacement procedures that would require patients to limit their mobility during recovery, Dr. Crovetti encourages his patients to do the opposite: get up and move around. By doing this, patients will not only prevent blood clots, infections, and pain, but they will also significantly cut down on their recovery time. Incredibly, someone undergoing surgery could be walking down the hallway in just a matter of a few hours. It is truly a sight to see. This remarkable process, along with Dr. Crovetti’s one-on-one approach with patients, is not something you’d find at any hospital.

Treating 1,000 patients in his surgery center is surely something to be celebrated, but like all ingenious ideas, Dr. Crovetti’s proposals were initially met with extreme skepticism. Due to his revolutionary tactics, it took Dr. Crovetti quite a bit of convincing to get to where he is today. Before he could make his dream of a surgery center possible, he was often turned down with opposition and doubt. He also had to endure many challenges, ranging from licensing to insurance. However, much like he encourages his patients to do, Dr. Crovetti kept up his momentum. He can now proudly say that to get to his 1,000th patient, it has taken a total of approximately 5,000 knee replacements and 3,000 hip replacements along the way.

While his creative techniques may sound doubtful to some doctors, many others are taking notice of Dr. Crovetti’s success and have already jumped on board with his unique methods. Dr. Crovetti is currently training and working with surgeons from all over the nation who are willing to adapt to these groundbreaking procedures. He can recall giving talks among doctors from some of the most elite medical centers in the country; hardly anyone could believe Dr. Crovetti’s practice is located in none other than the Las Vegas area. No matter how these doctors may regard (or disregard) Las Vegas, it is this exact town that is producing some of the most advanced and original ideas that have completely shaken up the orthopedic medical field. Dr. Crovetti admits that one of his favorite things about his growing success is the “I told you so” aspect of doing something that others were quick to reject.

So how does Dr. Crovetti prove that he can, essentially, “walk the walk?” If hearing it straight from mouths of 1,000 happy patients isn’t enough proof, Crovetti Orthopaedics also provides plenty of data to show the successful outcomes. Dr. Crovetti takes pride in the fact that what sets his surgical center apart from others is the amount of credibility surrounding his practice. The center is associated with a western Institutional Review Board (IRB), which examines patients in approved research. Not only has Dr. Crovetti healed 1,000 patients, but he has also studied them thoroughly and carefully to ensure that there is evidence of these success stories readily available.

The entire atmosphere at Crovetti Orthopaedics radiates motivation. Patients can find an inspirational quote on any given wall, and as if that weren’t enough, the main hallway is modeled after a football field to really get patients into the mindset of producing movement and achieving goals. In the following quote seen on one of his walls, Dr. Crovetti puts it best when he says, “Enter this place as a patient, but know you will leave as a friend. What challenges we overcome here will bond us forever.”

It was this positive setting that helped the healing process of Dr. Crovetti’s 1,000th patient, Walt Hawkins, who underwent a total hip replacement surgery. “I like the energy and enthusiasm here. I heal quicker in a happy environment,” Hawkins says. Hawkins also explained that aside from the comfort of his recovery suite, what made his experience so memorable is Dr. Crovetti’s undivided attention to each and every one of his patients. Dr. Crovetti individually visits his patients multiple times throughout the day to make sure their needs are being met. It was because of finding Dr. Crovetti that Hawkins finally decided to go through with the procedure he had been putting off for several years. Not to mention, it doesn’t hurt that the food options are delicious; the patients here are provided with meal choices from local restaurants that hospital patients could only dream of having.

In addition to those thousand people, Dr. Crovetti has subsequently impacted thousands of family members who get to see their loved ones recover and live a healthy life. With this, Dr. Crovetti says he enjoys “renewing their faith in healthcare.” It is clear that Dr. Crovetti’s surgery center exudes success and growth. It’s no wonder that Dr. Crovetti and his staff have instilled the phrase, “Recover like a rock star,” because it is this very idea that seems to resonate through the rooms of the surgery center. Whether it’s because of knee, hip, or joint problems, any potential patient seeking Dr. Crovetti’s expertise will be taking a huge “step” in the right direction.